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Buy Weed Online Delaware: Weed Delivery DE

Buying weed online and getting it delivered in Delaware used to seem impossible, but is now a safe and convenient option thanks to changing attitudes and laws surrounding cannabis in the state.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about legally and safely ordering recreational or medical marijuana for delivery to your doorstep in Delaware.

Key Points

  • Recreational marijuana is illegal but decriminalized in Delaware, while medical marijuana is legal for approved patients since 2011.
  • There are no recreational dispensaries, but Delaware medical marijuana patients can order products online through licensed dispensaries and have them delivered statewide.
  • Anyone 21+ can legally possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana in Delaware without facing criminal charges.
  • Only order from licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in Delaware or neighboring states that offer delivery services. Avoid unlicensed sellers.
  • Compare products and dispensaries to find the best prices and selection for your needs. Bud quality, cost, delivery time and customer service matter.
  • Look for deals like first-time patient discounts and bulk pricing when buying larger amounts of weed to save money.
  • Use cash or debit as payment since federal credit card processors don’t service cannabis. Never send payment upfront.
  • Marijuana is shipped and delivered discreetly in smell-proof packaging that doesn’t indicate contents for your privacy.

While recreational cannabis remains illegal in Delaware, the state has decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana. This means:

  • Anyone 21 or older can legally possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana without facing arrest or criminal charges in Delaware. It remains a civil violation.
  • Possessing 1-150 grams is a civil violation punishable by a fine of $100 with no jail time.
  • Consuming marijuana in public or transporting any amount in a vehicle remain illegal.

In addition, Delaware legalized medical marijuana in 2011. The state’s medical marijuana program allows patients with a qualifying condition and doctor’s recommendation to obtain cannabis for treatment.

So while full recreational sales are prohibited, buying weed online from a licensed medical dispensary and receiving discreet delivery in Delaware is legal for approved medical patients.

Buying Recreational Marijuana Online in Delaware

Unfortunately, recreational consumers still don’t have access to legal dispensaries or delivery services in Delaware currently. The state only allows sales through the strictly regulated medical marijuana system.

Purchasing cannabis from unlicensed sellers, either in person or online as a recreational consumer, remains illegal and risky in Delaware.

However, hopeful progress is being made. In 2022, Delaware’s state House passed an adult-use legalization bill, though it stalled in the Senate. The authority did move to expand medical marijuana access further. With neighboring states like New Jersey, Maryland, and others launching recreational sales, Delaware legalization seems imminent.

For now, recreational consumers in Delaware can:

  • Legally possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana purchased from another legal state.
  • Gift or share up to 1 ounce with other adults 21+, but no paying for weed.
  • Travel to nearby adult-use states like New Jersey to purchase cannabis products legally.
  • Order delta-8 THC or CBD cannabis products online shipped to Delaware. These are federally legal cannabinoids.

Ordering Medical Marijuana Delivery in Delaware

While recreational delivery isn’t allowed, Delaware medical marijuana patients do have the option to order cannabis products online for delivery through licensed dispensaries.

Here’s an overview of how medical marijuana delivery works in Delaware:

  • Patients must first qualify and register for the state’s MMJ program. This involves getting a doctor’s recommendation and applying through the state.
  • Once approved, you can order products ahead online through a licensed Delaware medical dispensary’s website or mobile app.
  • Dispensaries will verify your medical marijuana card status and ID upon delivery.
  • Products are then discreetly delivered to your Delaware residence. Most dispensaries offer same or next day delivery.

This gives patients access to a wide variety of marijuana products from the comfort of home, without having to visit dispensaries in person.

Many top national and local dispensaries like Weedmaps now deliver to registered Delaware medical marijuana patients:

  • Surterra Wellness
  • Columbia Care
  • First State Compassion
  • Fresh Delaware
  • The Cannabis Bureau

These licensed dispensaries carry diverse products like flower, vape pens, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and more – providing medical patients full access.

Buying Weed Online from Neighboring States

In addition to local dispensaries, Delaware medical patients can expand options further by ordering marijuana delivery from licensed dispensaries in nearby adult-use states.

Popular options include:

New Jersey: New Jersey dispensaries can deliver recreational and medical marijuana statewide, including to patients in Delaware. Top options include The Apothecarium, Zen Leaf and Curaleaf NJ.

Maryland: Dispensaries in Maryland can deliver medical marijuana products to registered patients throughout the state. Delaware patients close to the border could arrange delivery as well.

Pennsylvania: Medical marijuana dispensaries in Pennsylvania like Organic Remedies, Verilife, and more can deliver products to registered PA patients, including those right over state lines in Delaware.

This gives Delaware medical patients access to even more products, strains, and pricing options. Just make sure any out of state dispensary delivering weed to Delaware holds valid licenses showing they are legally allowed to operate.

Buying from Unlicensed Sellers

While it may be tempting, never attempt to order marijuana online from individual social media dealers or unverified websites when living in Delaware.

Getting cannabis delivered this way comes with huge legal and safety risks:

  • You will have no way to verify the quality or contents of marijuana products from illegal sellers. They are not lab tested or regulated for safety.
  • Unlicensed dealers often deceptively market their products, using fake branding and labels to make them seem legitimate. Do not be fooled by this.
  • Weed sold illegally may be contaminated with mold, pesticides, or other dangerous chemicals you don’t want to consume.
  • You have no protections or recourse if you get ripped off or delivered bad products by an illegal weed dealer or website.
  • Getting caught buying weed illegally can result in criminal penalties, while the licensed medical system provides protections.

Only order cannabis through fully licensed, regulated medical dispensaries for your health, safety and to avoid any legal issues from buying weed illegally. It’s not worth the risks.

How to Choose the Best Online Dispensary

Once you’ve confirmed a dispensary is licensed, how do you pick the best online dispensary to order from? Here are tips for choosing top medical marijuana delivery services in or near Delaware:

  • Compare product selection – A wider variety of marijuana strains, edibles, vapes and other products gives you more choices to find your perfect bud.
  • Check prices and deals – Look for dispensaries offering fair prices, bulk discounts, patient specials and deals to maximize value.
  • Read reviews – Dispensary reviews from local Delaware patients provide insights into product quality and service.
  • Consider convenience – Opt for dispensaries with fast delivery times and easy ordering through websites or apps.
  • Verify safety practices – Legitimate dispensaries have all products tested and provide lab results showing no contamination.
  • Check customer service – You want knowledgeable budtenders available to answer questions and handle any issues promptly.

Taking the time to research and compare Delaware medical marijuana delivery options leads you to the best dispensary matching your needs.

How to Order Weed Delivery in Delaware

Once you’ve chosen a licensed Delaware dispensary for ordering weed online, here is the typical process involved:

  1. Create your patient account – If you don’t already have one, set up an account with your medical marijuana card details and required personal info.
  2. Browse products – Search their menu for specific marijuana strains, concentrates, edibles, CBD and anything else you hope to order. Add desired items to your cart.
  3. Arrange delivery – Pick your preferred delivery date and time slot. Most dispensaries offer delivery 7 days a week. Choose whatever suits your schedule.
  4. Provide payment – Enter your payment details to complete the transaction. Medical marijuana isn’t covered by insurance, so expect to pay out of pocket.
  5. Wait for delivery – You’ll receive order confirmation and tracking details. Then just wait for your selected delivery time.
  6. Accept delivery – You or another authorized adult will need to present your medical card ID and sign for the order upon delivery.
  7. Enjoy your weed – Your medical marijuana products will arrive packaged discretely. Safely store and consume them responsibly!

It’s that easy to get lab-tested, high quality cannabis delivered. Just sit back as your order is conveniently shipped to your address in Delaware!

Why Choose Weed Delivery Over In-Person Dispensaries

For Delaware medical marijuana patients, ordering cannabis products online for delivery provides some major advantages over visiting dispensaries in-person.

Benefits of marijuana delivery include:

  • Total convenience – Skip the commute and shop 24/7 for weed from your phone or computer. Delivery comes to you.
  • Private, discreet access – No need to be seen publicly entering or exiting a dispensary. Orders arrive discreetly packaged.
  • Better deals – Online dispensaries often offer new patient specials, bulk pricing discounts, reward programs and other deals.
  • Time savings – Avoid spending time driving to a dispensary and waiting in line. Get fast delivery instead.
  • Larger product selection – Online menus showcase a wider array of strains, brands, and product formats than any single store can stock.
  • Easier price comparisons – You can efficiently compare product selection and pricing across multiple dispensaries entirely online.
  • More informed buying – Product descriptions, images, and reviews help you learn about and evaluate options before you buy.
  • Enjoy at home – Get your cannabis products shipped so you can comfortably and legally consume them at home.

For many patients, the ultimate convenience and privacy of marijuana delivery far outweighs any perceived benefits of in-person dispensary visits. Why waste time and money commuting when you can order everything online from a larger selection anyway?

However, others may still prefer visiting physical dispensaries for:

  • Immediate access – No waiting for delivery. Buy products and take them home right away.
  • Advice from budtenders – Speaking with knowledgeable dispensary staff for recommendations.
  • Seeing and smelling products – Evaluating quality using all your senses before purchasing.
  • Paying cash – Some like the anonymity of using cash rather than providing payment details online.
  • Additional services – On-site consults, patient outreach programs, and clinics.

Ultimately, the choice between delivery or in-person dispensaries comes down to personal preference. Convenience and privacy tend to drive most Delaware patients to order online, with good reason. But you can decide what works best for your needs.

Real Customer Experiences with Marijuana Delivery in Delaware

Wondering what it’s really like to order weed online and receive cannabis delivery as a patient in Delaware?

Here are testimonials from real Delaware medical marijuana patients reviewing their experiences:

“Ordering online was quick and easy. I selected a variety of Indica strains and gram amounts. Delivery came the very next morning in plain packaging. Super convenient without leaving home!”

“The website made it simple to filter products by type, effect, pricing, etc. I appreciated all the descriptions, reviews and photos helping me choose.”

“My delivery arrived in 2 days. Discreet box, professional packaging. The free patient goodie bag was a nice bonus for my first order!”

“I was able to easily compare dispensaries online for the best deals. One offered new patient discounts and free delivery over $100, so I went with them.”

“The driver double-checked my medical card and ID before handing over my delivery. Easy process overall – I’ll definitely order this way again.”

“I like keeping my medical marijuana use private for work reasons. Getting delivery means I don’t have to risk being seen going to physical dispensaries.”

The convenience and discretion of marijuana delivery tend to resonate most with Delaware medical patients ordering cannabis online based on these reviews. Avoiding dispensary visits takes planning and potential stigma out of the equation.

Patients also appreciate the simplicity of ordering on websites and mobile apps. And the expanding variety of available products beats what any single local dispensary stocks.

Overall, medical marijuana delivery services make accessing cannabis safe, easy and comfortable for approved patients all across Delaware.

Comparison of Buying Weed In-Person vs. Online Delivery in Delaware

For a quick side-by-side comparison, here are the main pros and cons of purchasing marijuana in-person versus ordering online delivery as a medical patient in Delaware:

In-Person DispensariesOnline Delivery
ConvenienceMust commute to store during business hours.[24/7 access from anywhere]{.ul}. Products come to you.
SelectionLimited by dispensary’s stock on hand.[Access to wider variety and brands from multiple dispensaries online].
InformationCan discuss with budtenders in person.[Details, photos, and reviews of every product available online].
Purchase ExperienceAble to see and smell products before buying.Must select products without physically viewing them.
PrivacyMust be seen entering and inside the dispensary facility.[100% discreet, private access and delivery]
DealsLast minute promotions or loyalty rewards available.[Full pricing and discounts visible online to compare]. Targeted delivery deals.
PaymentCan pay with cash if preferred.Must provide card or account details online for delivery.
Access RestrictionsOnly during dispensary business hours.[Order anytime 24/7 for delivery when convenient].
Travel RequiredMust drive or commute to physical location.[Cannabis comes right to your door]

This comparison clearly highlights the advantages of ordering for marijuana delivery versus going to a dispensary in person. Convenience, privacy, selection, and deals are unparalleled with delivery options now available to Delaware medical patients.

Common Questions about Ordering Weed Online in Delaware:


The era of safe, legal cannabis delivery has arrived in Delaware for medical marijuana patients thanks to expanding state laws and services. While full recreational delivery still lags behind neighboring states, options for patients continue improving.

This guide covered everything Delaware residents need to know about successfully and securely buying weed online and receiving delivery.

The key takeaways include:

  • Recreational marijuana delivery remains prohibited, but medical patients have access.
  • Only order through fully licensed, regulated Delaware dispensaries or neighboring state services.
  • Compare products and dispensaries to find the right marijuana at the best value.
  • Discreet packaging and delivery protects your privacy.
  • Enjoy convenience, selection and deals that beat in-person dispensary shopping.
  • Choose delivery over commuting to dispensaries for optimal safety, comfort and efficiency.

While laws are still evolving, the door is now open to cannabis delivery in Delaware. So if you’re an approved medical marijuana patient, take advantage of the many benefits buying weed online and ordering discreet delivery provides.

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