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G13 strain, Also called ‘Government Indica Strain 1′, is an indica-leaning strain popular for its joyful and tranquil high. G13 strain is extremely earthy and piney, so it’s a great choice if you like strains’ natural and herbal taste. Additionally, it is a popular strain within the medical marijuana community. It can be a godsend to treat muscle spasms, migraines, and joint discomforts.

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G13 Strain Information

G13 is an Indica dominant (70% Indica & 30% Sativa) hybrid strain. In terms of its background, it’s nearly impossible to discern between the truth and urban legend. G13’s story G13 is believed to begin at an unnamed rural Mississippi research facility between the 60s and the early 70s. According to one available source, at most, a U.S. Government agency was believed to be developing marijuana with the help of The University of Mississippi, which is the location where government-approved cannabis is grown.

The theory is that G-men produced completely Afghani Clones that were labeled as G1 up to. Each clone had different characteristics; G13 was allegedly the most stable. A breeder named Neville Schoenmaker reached out to an unnamed scientist who had rebelled and was determined to free G13 and was given a single sample of this newly discovered strain that he then spread across America. The United States.

G13 was introduced to the mainstream with the smash-hit film American Beauty, in which it was showcased as a type of marijuana that does not make you feel skeptical. In reality, the roots of the strain aren’t known (unless you believe in the myth); however, we recognize that it’s an exceptional smoke.


G13 is not a strain suitable for users who are not affluent. It can be put in a sealed container and still enjoy the scent of skunk! It has a sweet aroma with a hint of savory cheesiness. In addition, it has the scent of wild berries, and you’ll have a distinctive smelling marijuana strain.


Most users love the sweet pine taste that helps distinguish it from other strains that you’ll encounter throughout your life. There are also woody and mossy flavors that mix, and if you add the hint of creaminess, you’ve got yourself a strain to enjoy.


If you take a quality sample of G13, there will be a dense layer of trichomes. Examine a quality marijuana nug, and you’ll be amazed at the trichomes layered under the calyxes. Final word: G13 is a strain created to assist you in getting extremely high!

G13 Strain Grow Info

G13 is a strain that is a winner indoors and outdoors. Think about using the SOG or Sea of Green (SOG) training method when you plan to generate huge buds with an indoor weeding installation. We suggest leaving plenty of spaces between the branches to allow enough space for these buds to grow and maintain the airflow flowing. Think about cutting down the height of your G13 plant; however, be sure to cut only a tiny amount at the moment. Otherwise, you could the plants could go into shock.

G13 can handle temperatures during the day of as low as 65 degrees Fahrenheit and thrives in grow space’s temperatures can be up to 85 degrees. If you grow outdoors, it will benefit from the fact this strain can handle lower temperatures during the day better than the majority of marijuana strains.

Outdoor growers can expect greater yields than indoor growers because it thrives when they can grow out. It actually grows to the point that you have to be able to support it throughout the flowering phase. It’s a big eater; therefore, make sure that it has plenty of Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus.

Outsides G13 can be harvested late in the season, close to October, or even in early November. G13 could produce an astonishing 40 ounces of buds for each plant outside, making it feasible to produce it in large quantities. Indoor growers won’t miss the opportunity to increase their potential yield. The flowering period is between 9 and 10 weeks, and indoor growers might see yields as high as 21 ounces per square meter planted.

THC Content – Highest Test

The advancements in technology combined with genetic selection mean it’s becoming more and more common to find marijuana strains with 25% or more THC. In the glorious days of marijuana, there was a time when the THC content in weed was about 4percent on average. This was mostly due to the poor quality of marijuana, usually made up of stems and stalks.

There is a rise in strains with an alleged THC amount of 30 percent. In reality, labs are likely increasing their THC levels in strains, and we can tell this since the chemical ceiling is about 30% dry weight.

It is known that lab tests suggest G13 contains a THC level of as high as 24 percent. Contrary to many other strains with a wide THC variety, G13 is fairly consistent, and most of the samples contain THC levels of around 22 percent.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Today, we are in an age where marijuana plants have been created to possess high CBD content. High CBD amount. Cannabidiol has been praised for its potential healing benefits, and, unlike THC, the user will not feel a psychoactive high. This is why high-CBD low-THC strains like Charlotte’s Web can be legally purchased by children with epilepsy.

G13’s CBD percentage is about 0.25 percent, but some samples have 11% CBD. It’s not enough to offset the psychoactive effects of G13.

Medical Benefits of Blue Cheese

G13 is a well-known medical strain and is commonly utilized to combat chronic stress. Since it can improve your mood, you should consider G13 when you suffer from anxiety, depression, or any other disorder of the mood. The power of this strain will also allow it to act as an analgesic. When you are suffering from an issue like joint pains, migraines, or muscle spasms, G13 might be the perfect strain you need.

Side Effects of G13 Strain

The issue is in G13’s power. If you’re a new user, taking excessive amounts of G13 could trigger a rise in any paranoid or anxious thoughts you may feel. In rare instances, this strain may be known as causing minor headaches after the high wears off. There is also the possibility of the sensation of a swollen mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness. It’s usually caused by dehydration. Therefore, drinking water before, during, and following the use of G13 could help reduce the chance of developing.

Buy G13 Strain Online

The sources of the strain might be extremely secret; however, there is no doubt regarding what happens in G13. It’s a powerful cannabis strain that will give you a euphoric feeling that will boost your mood. If you need a cannabis strain that can provide a positive experience, you should look at G13.

While it tends to be Indica-like, G13 offers a relatively well-balanced high that is a bit more balanced. It is safe to use during the afternoon without turning into a sedative vegetable, and you’ll only need to take only a tiny amount to reap the advantages.

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