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Romulan strain is an Indica dominant bud that can produce very sedative and like effects of narcotics. Romulan Cannabis strain has a refreshing taste characterized by the earth, pine, and citrus notes. Romulan also comes with a wide variety of therapeutic uses and is an excellent option for people who suffer from PTSD or anxiety.

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Romulan Strain Information

Romulan strain is an Indica dominant bud that can produce very sedative and like effects of narcotics. It has a refreshing taste characterized by the earth, pine, and citrus notes. Romulan also comes with a wide variety of therapeutic uses and is an excellent option for people who suffer from PTSD or anxiety.

Indica is the official name for this variety; Romulan weed can produce an identical story and sometimes even narcotic-like effects that completely melt and relax the user into deep relaxation. At the top of the list is stunning and deeply meditative cerebral effects.

The onset of cerebral effects is thought by marijuana enthusiasts to be a result of a slight sativa inclination within the lineage genetics of the marijuana plant, but this information has been a source of controversy and isn’t yet verified.

The genetic background of Romulans similarly is a bit unknown. It is believed that the White Rhino Indica is among this marijuana’s parents. However, it is classified as a North American Indica cannabis strain; however, the exact type isn’t known.

The THC concentration of Romulan can be found at the highest levels, with lab tests showing that the content is about 20% on average. There’s a lot to be learned about this potent marijuana plant; however, one thing is sure is that people who smoke cannabis enjoy Romulan as their favorite nighttime or evening strain.


After a bit of Romulan is lit and smoked, the first sensation you receive is pure pungency. Inundating the space, it’s situated in with the scent of pine and earth. Marijuana can create a lasting impression, but its aroma profile isn’t unique or distinctive. Romulan is pleasant and attractive and is remarkable for its simplicity – less is more in the end.


Romulan marijuana is more complex and varied than your typical Indica phenotype. It is characterized by lively pistils in green sugar leaves of sage.

In addition to the initial scent of earth and pine and citrus, spicy and woodsy scents can be noted when the buds hit your tongue; it’s sweet as candy.


The buds appear packed with denseness and provide plenty of products to be used even in a single nugget. They come in shades ranging from pastel to bright green with brassy-orange pistils of copper curving between delicate sugar leaves. Pistils are the tiny hairs that you usually find on marijuana flowers.

While not widely considered a top-of-the-line marijuana plant, Romulan Strain is known for its quite frosty sugar leaves supported by its remarkable THC amount. Although this marijuana isn’t a star, it has proved to be valuable and admirable in the medical marijuana world.

Romulan Strain Grow Info

The cultivation process is pretty simple. Growing Romulan is easy and can be attempted by complete novices or those with only a little experience with marijuana. Contrary to many Indica plants that require more space up top to expand and branch out, it’s a little higher than the typical small-growing Indica plant.

It is naturally resistant to most common illnesses, which can reduce the care required (but every cannabis strain will require a little bit of attention, however). Romulan marijuana plants can thrive both indoors and outside as long as the right conditions are in place.

Romulan prefers a warmer, dry climate, so it’s important to replicate this when you attempt indoor cultivation. The average flowering period is 8 to 9 weeks, and outdoor harvests begin in mid-October when moderate yields are possible.

The successful indoor harvests can yield 9 ounces of fresh buds per square meter, and the exact amount of bud outdoors yields around nine ounces for each plant. At the end of the day, Romulan crops conveniently and quickly produce delicious and tasty bud, the ideal choice for those who love Indica.

Medical Benefits of Romulan Cannabis

Romulan Strain is regarded by the cannabis world as among the best and most trusted sleep aids on the market, so, first and foremost, we should state that this marijuana should not be consumed in the morning unless you are planning to fall asleep at 10 o’clock in the morning. It is the best choice for helping people suffering from mental illnesses and disorders who are struggling with any (or all) issues from:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Chronic stress
  • Bipolar disorder
  • The paranoia
  • Eating disorders
  • Insomnia

For health issues involving your mind and body, a small dose of this potent strain is recommended to begin with before increasing after it has been known how this strain can affect your body.

People who have mental disorders and conditions are more vulnerable to THC caused stress, paranoia and worry, and this is why it is essential to be patient regardless of the marijuana strain you are taking. Romulan can also play a crucial role in healing physical-related illnesses and conditions.

Particularly for those with frequent pain, headaches/migraines, muscle spasms or aches, loss of appetite, and other types of pain in the body, The “named-after-aliens” strain could be helpful. If you suffer from physical issues, greater doses of Romulan might be necessary to ensure the maximum amount of relief that can be felt.

It is also transformed into edibles and is available at many high-end dispensaries in the U.S.

Side Effects of Romulan Strain

Although it is generally safe for consumption in large quantities, Romulan is a substance that can be “overdone” and cause adverse consequences such as anxiety or dizziness. It can also cause headaches in sporadic instances. It is not a reason to be a cause for concern since most people experience dry lips (cottonmouth) or dry eyes.

To prevent cottonmouth, ensuring that you drink plenty of fluids to hydrate your mouth before, during, and after your session can stop your mouth from drying out and help keep you from dehydration, which can cause headaches and any grogginess you may experience later in the day. To avoid the discomforts of dry eyes, take a bottle of eye drops with moisturizing properties from your local drugstore or from a pharmacy before your marijuana consumption.

Have this bottle handy for those times when you want to get rid of the common side effects that are a common side effect of Romulan weed. In all, Romulan is met with only a few potential adverse effects, with the most common being minor in severity.

Buy Romulan Strain Online

Suppose you’re seeking a herbal and non-toxic alternative to conventional medical treatments and want a cannabis strain that is fully enforced and heavily leaning toward the direction of Indica. In that case, the Romulan marijuana strain might be an excellent alternative to begin your search.

It is vital to remember that the use of marijuana is solely the user’s obligation, and discretion must be exercised.

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Romulan Strain for Sale
Romulan Strain for Sale