Chemdawg Strain for Sale

Chemdawg Strain for Sale

Chemdawg Strain is an extremely potent and awesome strain with a huge fan base due to its mind-blowing cerebral effect. Chemdawg Strain has a moderate amount of THC, and it is a potent and powerful high that will knock you out quickly, making it ideal for people who have no time to go through. Chemdawg is also a chemical and sour smell that has the scent of pine and diesel.


Chemdawg Strain Information

Through the years, there have been various versions of the story about the way Chemdawg strain began to develop; however, with no method to verify the claims, we’re left wondering why Chemdawg continues to be among the more obscure strains available.

However, one thing is certain, and that’s Chemdawg is, a strain that has established its reputation among the top strains to consider when you’re looking to indulge your love for cannabis. The hybrid has around 15 to 20% THC making it quite strong however the main draw for us is its incredibly powerful smell and rapid-acting effects.

It is often known as a dominant sativa strain. This is the best choice for being lively and getting stuff done; however, one must be ready before attempting to take it, as this strain is quite powerful for those new to the scene.

Chemdawg is the mother strain of numerous world-renowned buds, like the infamous Sour Diesel and OG Kush, both of which are potent strong in their own right! But, as we mentioned, there is no way to know the exact location Chemdawg was derived from. Some believe that it was an element of a seed swap during the Grateful Dead concert, and others believe it’s the ancestor of the Colorado strain called Dog Bud.

We can certainly say that this incredibly powerful bud is essential for any serious bud smoker. It was at the forefront of the U.S. cannabis market for a long time.


The first thing that grabs the senses by Chemdawg is the smell. Think eye-watering pungency and scents of diesel and chemicals; You could get something similar to the potency of Chemdawg. The earthy notes paired with the diesel-like smell make for a smoky strain that you’ll most likely like or dislike!


From how it appears, Chemdawg is no wilting flower. It can be quite tall, featuring long and tapered medium-sized buds; it’s truly a beautiful sight! The leaves are stunning bright green coated in sticky trichomes creating a silvery look. The leaves are splattered with attractive burnt orange pistils. This makes an attractive plant for you gardeners at home!


If you manage to get beyond that strong and hard-hitting smell, then the flavor of Chemdawg is likely to come as no surprise. With an extremely strong and acrid diesel with piney undertones and a mild taste of tang, it’s definitely an experience to be experienced!

Chemdawg Strain Grow Info

We would probably not recommend Chemdawg to novice growers because it needs a certain amount of care because of its long-lasting climb. But, if you’re looking for a challenge and have enough time, this might be an ideal task strain for the ambitious beginner.

Most often, they are grown indoors to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Chemdawg is a large plant typically exceeding 5 feet; therefore, it requires bending and trimming at the beginning of the vegetative phase to maintain an appropriate size.

With a blooming time that ranges from nine to ten weeks and with a large yield of between 65 and 75 grams of yield per square foot, Chemdawg will be an excellent bud that can be grown at home.

However, a word of caution: Chemdawg is exceptionally potent if we didn’t make this abundantly clear! For those who grow in residential areas with naughty neighbors, think about some aroma techniques to reduce the smell before starting!

Medical Benefits of Chemdawg

Chemdawg’s effects are a major reason behind its legendary status. With a brain-boosting effect that lasts for hours, you’ll breeze through your to-do list quickly and still have enough time! It is considered a perfect socializing strain Chemdawg has often been the catalyst for numerous earth-shattering conversations (really!) and will keep you talking for many hours.

In terms of medicine, Chemdawg has many benefits in terms of energetic and cerebral energy is a fantastic option to treat mental disorders like tension, PTSD, anxiety, and depression, and physical relaxation is ideal for migraines and pain. It’s a great all-arounder for those seeking a powerful high.

A few users have reported that Chemdawg can cause uneasy feelings initially, and we suggest starting by taking small amounts and gradually moving up to higher levels. But after some time, the awareness will be established, and you will achieve your work at its peak.

Side Effects of Chemdawg Strain

In addition to the sensation of being disorientated due to the high levels of THC, Chemdawg has also been proven to cause anxiety when taken in large quantities, especially in those with mental health issues at first. We always suggest that those who are brand new to cannabis use extreme caution, and even those who are experienced smokers should be aware of the THC in this article.

Similar to the majority of marijuana strains, Chemdawg is also likely to cause dry eyes and dry mouth, so make sure you have the right drinks on hand!

Buy Chemdawg Strain Online

If you’re not interested in potency and are not a fan of potency, it’s best to consider giving Chemdawg the nudge. But, if you’re an enthusiast of strong flavors and a soaring high, we can’t recommend this strain more highly!

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Chemdawg Strain for Sale