Blue Dream Strain for Sale

Blue Dream Strain for Sale

Blue Dream Strain is a marijuana that has 60% sativa and 40% indica. Blue Dream Strain belongs to the hybrid family and originates from California. This 24% THC and 2% CBD bud is a perfect cross between Haze and Blueberry.

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Blue Dream Strain Information

Blue Dream is a cherished sativa-predominant strain that is appreciated by numerous epicureans around the world. This famous strain has a profound legacy to the blueberry strain and haze family, and makes certain to convey an euphoric surge of imagination.

This rush is the ideal beginning to your day as it becomes more splendid in group environments also. With a moderate to elevated degree of 17 – 24% THC, you can expect a fantasy like euphoria that is ideal for easing exhaustion, melancholy, and unfortunate temperaments!


Blue Dream Strain is a dining experience for the faculties as it discharges a tropical-wonderful smell that is a staple in renowned sativa strains. This sweet smell is joined by notes of impactful skunk and hash, on account of its Haze hereditary qualities. This wetness makes a fantastic expansion to the bunch of fragrances and helps upgrade its as of now captivating smell.


On the breathe out, Blue Dream strain is quite heavenly. A similar taste of blueberry, botanical, and sweet citrus jumps out at you and waits in your mouth well after the breathe out. The smoke is smooth and clean when joined with its fragrance and impacts, it makes a strain that is compellingly heavenly.


Blue Dream has a practically outsider appearance. Its nugs are long, shaggy, and unimaginably thick with orange hairs that sparkle in the daylight. The outer layer of the nugs is radiant olive green and comes covered with a thick layer of cold white trichomes.

Blue Dream Strain Effects

Blue Dream’s sweet, blueberry enhanced smoke conveys a surge of cerebral impacts that tightens into unwinding and smoothness. The high starts with a great deal of energy, inspiration and expanded center that makes it simple for anybody to endure their day while keeping up with usefulness. As the high advances, you’ll feel your whole body unwind as you float off into an agreeable fog. The psyche desensitizing, quieting impacts will ease any aggravation and set you up for any errand that requirements undertaking.

Acquiring fame first in the clinical maryjane local area, Blue Dream is the ideal strain for those searching for alleviation from persistent weariness, sadness and an absence of craving. It’s invigorating and is ideal for lifting your state of mind up on days where you may, all things considered, feel a piece blue. Those experiencing muscle fits and muscle torment will likewise observe help from its sweet blueberry smoke.

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Buy Blue Dream Strain Online

Blue Dream Strain is a sativa-dominant cross breed that can give a large group of advantages to clients experiencing tension and stress. Ready to increment inspiration, raise center, and wipe out pressure, Blue Dream is great for just a tad of rest and unwinding or a wake-and-prepare strain that won’t leave them excessively hummed to finish work. A critical state of mind lifter, Blue Dream will get your grin and your body going scrumptiously and actually with its sweet, foggy smoke and astounding impacts!

The Blue Dream Strain has an enormous capacity to take its consumer on a euphoric journey promoting moments of joy. Blue Dream Strain is just a marijuana that easily accompanies you to bed, while providing you with a good rest. Throughout your sleep you will be relieved of fatigue and stress.

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Blue Dream Strain for Sale