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Buy Weed Online Arkansas: Marijuana Delivery

Key Points

  • Recreational marijuana is illegal in Arkansas, but medical marijuana is legal and available
  • To buy weed in Arkansas, you must have a valid medical marijuana patient card
  • There are 38 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries across the state
  • You can order medical cannabis for delivery through dispensaries or delivery services
  • Compare options for strains, products, prices and delivery times before ordering
  • Use safe, secure payment methods and legitimate sources to ensure legal compliance
  • Medical cardholders can legally possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis in Arkansas
  • Be discreet when receiving deliveries, as public use remains illegal in Arkansas

Buying weed online and getting it delivered is an incredibly convenient option that’s revolutionizing how people access their cannabis. Whether you want to avoid dispensary crowds or live too far from one to shop in person, purchasing marijuana online provides access that traditional stores can’t. This is especially true for medical marijuana patients who rely on cannabis treatments.

If you’re wondering where and how to get weed delivery in Arkansas, this comprehensive guide has you covered. We’ll outline everything you need to legally and safely order medical cannabis online in Arkansas.

Arkansas has had a complicated history with cannabis laws. Recreational marijuana remains illegal under state law, despite pushes for adult-use reform in recent years. However, medical marijuana is now legal and accessible to registered patients in the state.

In 2016, Arkansas voters passed Amendment 98, which legalized medical marijuana and set up a regulated system. After working through the complex process of establishing rules, licensing businesses, and issuing patient cards, medical cannabis sales finally launched in May 2019.

Under Amendment 98 and Arkansas laws, licensed medical marijuana dispensaries are permitted to make home deliveries of medical cannabis to qualified patients and caregivers. This includes deliveries to private residences.

However, there are some caveats for weed delivery:

  • Only registered dispensaries can perform deliveries themselves after verifying patient status. Delivery services contracted through dispensaries are also permitted.
  • Patients or caregivers must physically be present to accept the delivery and show their medical marijuana card.
  • Public use and consumption of marijuana still remains illegal.
  • There are purchase and possession limits for medical cannabis.
  • Only approved cannabis products like flower and oils can be delivered. Other substances remain prohibited.

As long as these rules are followed, home delivery provides convenient, legal access to medical weed for Arkansas patients. It’s the easiest way to buy cannabis online and have it shipped directly to your address.

Do You Need a Medical Card for Weed Delivery in Arkansas?

Yes, to legally buy weed online and receive cannabis deliveries in Arkansas, you must have an active medical marijuana patient card. Only registered patients and their caregivers can purchase from dispensaries or have marijuana delivered through approved channels.

Here are the steps to getting an Arkansas medical marijuana patient card:

  1. Get a qualification. The first step is to qualify for the medical marijuana program by having one of 18 approved health conditions. Common qualifying conditions include chronic pain, PTSD, cancer, seizures and others.
  2. Get certified by a doctor. Schedule an appointment with an Arkansas doctor authorized to certify patients. They will evaluate your condition and medical records before issuing a certification if you qualify.
  3. Apply to the Arkansas Department of Health. Submit an application through the ADH website or mail. You must include the doctor’s certification and other documentation.
  4. Get approved. If your application is complete and approved, the ADH will issue your official medical marijuana patient registry card. Cards are valid for one year.

This entire process can take 2-4 weeks total. Once you have your patient card, you can use it to register at dispensaries to buy cannabis onsite or order deliveries online. Be sure to renew it annually.

Possessing a valid medical marijuana card is mandatory for purchasing cannabis in Arkansas, even through delivery. Attempting to buy recreational weed without the proper patient status and credentials remains illegal.

Arkansas Dispensaries and Delivery Services

Arkansas has approved four different types of medical marijuana business licenses:

  • Cultivation facilities: Licensed to grow medical cannabis
  • Dispensaries: Licensed retail stores authorized to sell medical cannabis to patients
  • Processors: Licensed to extract oils and manufacture cannabis products
  • Transporters: Licensed to transport cannabis between facilities

There are five cultivation facilities, four processors, and 32 approved medical marijuana dispensaries currently operating in Arkansas. An additional 37 dispensaries have been licensed but aren’t open yet.

These licensed medical dispensaries are permitted to make deliveries themselves or contract through approved third-party cannabis delivery services. Here are some companies offering weed delivery in Arkansas:

  • Nirvana Delivery Co. – Medical cannabis delivery service for central Arkansas patients, contracted through Suite 443 dispensary. Delivers to Little Rock, Bryant, Benton, and surrounding areas.
  • Home Grown Deliveries – Third-party medical marijuana delivery service partnered with Bloom Medicinals dispensary in Texarkana. Delivers to patients in southwest Arkansas.
  • AR Weed Delivery – Local medical cannabis delivery company serving qualified patients in Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, and nearby cities in northwest AR.
  • High Tide Delivery – Marijuana delivery service for medical cardholders in eastern and central Arkansas, including Little Rock. Contracted through Green Springs Medical.

Rather than going into stores, patients can place orders online or by phone to have their medical weed delivered to home discreetly through these services. Deliveries are performed by dispensary employees or delivery drivers after verifying patient credentials.

Before choosing a source, compare options to find the best dispensary or delivery service for your needs in terms of product selection, pricing, delivery range and speed, ordering process, and overall professionalism. Only use legitimate licensed providers to ensure legal compliance.

Buying Medical Marijuana Online in Arkansas

Wondering how to actually purchase cannabis online and receive delivery as an Arkansas patient? Here is a step-by-step overview of the ordering process:

1. Browse Products and Order

Reputable dispensaries and delivery services have user-friendly websites and online menus making it easy to shop for cannabis products. You can browse the full selection of flower strains, vape cartridges, edibles, concentrates and more before ordering exactly what you want.

Most allow you to filter or search by product categories, effects, potency, pricing and other parameters to nail down the perfect strain or item. Once ready, add products to your cart and checkout online.

2. Verify Patient Status

During checkout or when processing your order, the dispensary will verify your Arkansas medical marijuana patient status. Have your registry card number and other credentials ready to provide.

Some dispensaries also require uploading documents as proof, such as a picture of your card or doctor recommendation. Patient verification is mandatory before they will proceed with the order.

3. Choose Delivery or Pickup

On most sites you can choose delivery or pickup during checkout. Delivery will have your marijuana products shipped directly and discreetly to your home address.

Pickup is fetching your order in-person from the local dispensary if you prefer. Make your selection based on convenience.

4. Schedule Delivery

If choosing delivery, you can usually select your preferred delivery date and timeframe. Most offer next day delivery if you order early enough. You’ll also provide any special delivery instructions.

5. Payment and Confirmation

Accepted payment options include debit/credit cards, Bitcoin, or cash upon delivery. No insurance is accepted due to federal restrictions. Finally, review all details before confirming and submitting your complete order.

6. Track and Receive Delivery

Once shipped, you’ll receive a confirmation email with tracking information to follow your delivery status. The package will arrive in plain, discreet packaging with no indicators of marijuana contents. An employee will verify your patient card before handing over the goods.

And that’s it! Ordering online makes buying medical weed direct and hassle-free. Just remember to consume responsibly in private at home, as public weed use remains illegal even for patients.

Medical Marijuana Products Available for Delivery

Arkansas dispensaries can deliver a full range of cannabis products to medical marijuana patients:

Flower: Also called bud, flower refers to the smokable portions of the marijuana plant. Dispensaries carry a wide variety of strains with different effects, potencies and flavors. Popular options include indicas, sativas, hybrids, high-CBD and high-THC strains. Flowers can be ordered by the gram or ounce.

Vape Carts: Pre-filled cannabis oil vape cartridges provide a discreet and convenient way to consume marijuana, without smoke. THC and CBD oil carts for use with a battery-operated vape pen are commonly available from dispensaries.

Edibles: Weed-infused edible options run the gamut from gummies and chocolates to beverages, baked goods, pills and more. They provide longer lasting effects compared to smoking.

Concentrates: Solvent-extracted cannabis concentrates offer very high THC and CBD potency levels. Common varieties include shatter, wax, hash, live resin, and THC distillate oil.

Topicals: Lotions, balms, ointments, patches and more infused with cannabis provide localized relief when applied to skin and muscles. They do not cause a high.

Any cannabis products must contain less than 10mg of THC per dose or serving when sold. Patients have purchase limits of 2.5 ounces of flower or an equivalent amount of other products per 14-day period.

Prices for Medical Marijuana Delivery in Arkansas

Pricing for medical cannabis in Arkansas varies between dispensaries and products but is generally in line with average US medical marijuana prices:

  • Flower: $8 to $15 per gram, or $200 – $300 per ounce
  • Pre-rolls: $10 to $15 per joint
  • Vape carts: $30 to $60 per 0.5g cartridge
  • Edibles: $15 to $30 per package, depending on type and potency
  • Concentrates: $35 to $60 per gram of wax, shatter, etc.
  • Tinctures: $60 to $100 per bottle
  • Topicals: $30 to $50 per package

Some dispensaries offer discounts for first-time orders, larger purchases, and ongoing loyalty programs. Compare pricing across different dispensaries to find the best value for the products you want.

Also factor in charges like taxes and delivery fees when evaluating costs. Most delivery services charge flat fees ranging from $10 to $20 per order. Calculate the total price including fees to see the true cost.

Medical Cannabis Possession Limits in Arkansas

Arkansas sets legal possession limits for approved medical marijuana patients and caregivers:

  • Medical patients can legally possess up to 2.5 ounces of “usable” marijuana at any given time. This equals around 70 grams of smokable flower.
  • The possession limit for other cannabis products like extracts and edibles is equivalent to 2.5 ounces of flower based on potency.
  • Patients can purchase up to 2.5 ounces total within any 14-day period.
  • Caregivers assisting patients can purchase on behalf of up to five patients, but still cannot exceed individual possession amounts.

These possession restrictions apply to both cannabis bought in stores and received through delivery. Stay within your legal limits at all times, measuring quantities carefully. Exceeding them can potentially lead to arrest and prosecution.

Is Weed Delivery Confidential and Discrete in Arkansas?

One major advantage of ordering cannabis online and getting home delivery versus shopping in stores is enhanced privacy and discretion. Legitimate dispensaries and delivery services take extensive measures to ensure deliveries are confidential and discrete:

  • They only require sharing essential personal info like your patient ID to process orders. Additional details are kept private.
  • Marijuana products are professionally packaged in odor-proof, child resistant containers free of any branding or labels indicating contents.
  • Plain, inconspicuous boxes and bags are used to conceal orders during transit and final delivery.
  • Delivery drivers never disclose to third parties that they are transporting marijuana products.
  • Your name, order details and delivery contents are kept completely confidential at all times.
  • Drivers will only hand deliver orders directly to the registered patient after verifying ID and medical card.
  • Some dispensaries offer delivery in unmarked, regular vehicles to avoid drawing attention. Very discrete.
  • No signatures are required upon delivery, unless you choose to pay in cash. This limits any paper trail.

You can feel at ease knowing your privacy is prioritized when you order cannabis for delivery in Arkansas. It remains confidential transaction between you and the licensed, verified dispensary.

Safety Tips for Ordering Weed Delivery in Arkansas

To make sure your weed delivery experience is legal and safe in Arkansas, follow these tips:

  • Only order from licensed Arkansas medical marijuana dispensaries or their approved delivery contractors. Do not purchase from unlicensed sources.
  • Check the dispensary’s credentials like licenses and business registration before ordering to verify legitimacy.
  • Review delivery policies and ID verification requirements so you understand the process. Legitimate services will thoroughly vet patients.
  • Avoid sources that feel sketchy, pressure you to pay in risky ways, or “guarantee delivery.” This signals possible scams.
  • Stick to lab-tested marijuana products from reputable brands when possible for safety.
  • Inspect products thoroughly upon delivery before accepting. Make sure it matches your order and has no signs of contamination or damage.
  • Only communicate via official channels, never sharing sensitive info over social media or unsecured chats.
  • Use secure online payment methods like bank transfer, cards or Bitcoin. Never pay with cash apps, wire transfers, gift cards or pre-paid cards.
  • Keep orders small and infrequent. Abide by purchase limits, and avoid stockpiling cannabis.
  • Consume responsibly in private at home. Public consumption remains illegal.
  • Never have products shipped to your workplace or another public location. Use your personal residential address.

By following these tips and performing due diligence on any service you use, weed delivery can be a safe, enjoyable experience that protects your privacy.

Common Questions about Medical Marijuana Delivery in Arkansas

Why Choose Marijuana Delivery in Arkansas

Ordering cannabis online for delivery is the ideal solution for Arkansas medical patients seeking safe, convenient access and an enhanced privacy:

  • Huge selection of products all in one place, instead of making multiple dispensary trips
  • Easy online ordering, payment, and tracking from anywhere 24/7
  • Products discreetly shipped and delivered directly to your home address
  • Skips challenges like transportation, mobility issues, distance or stigmas
  • Total privacy and confidentiality maintained through the process
  • More affordable pricing and special delivery discounts or rewards

If you have a valid medical marijuana card in Arkansas, weed delivery grants you the ultimate in convenience and discretion. Take advantage of this legal option to gain access to your medicinal cannabis safely and efficiently.

Get Top Shelf Flower Strains Delivered in Arkansas

Arkansas dispensaries can deliver all approved medical marijuana strains and products to cardholding patients. When ordering flower, you’ll find premium options like:

  • Blue Dream – Sweet and berry-flavored sativa-dominant hybrid; soothing full-body relaxation.
  • Sour Diesel – Pungent, fast-acting sativa with energizing cerebral effects.
  • Girl Scout Cookies – Sweet and earthy hybrid with powerful euphoria.
  • Northern Lights – Legendary indica-dominant strain that delivers deep relaxation.
  • OG Kush – Classic hybrid with citrus and pine flavors; heavy-hitting high.

And many more top-shelf strains to suit any preference! Arkansan medical patients can conveniently access diverse medical marijuana varieties through discreet home delivery options.

Start Shopping Cannabis for Delivery in Arkansas

Now that you know how the process works and what to expect, it’s easy and convenient to order lab-tested medical marijuana online from licensed Arkansas dispensaries.

Shop confidently for premium products shipped and delivered discreetly and legally to registered patients across Arkansas. Enjoy access to the relief and treatments you need!

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