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Buy Weed for Delivery in California

California has been at the forefront of cannabis legalization in the United States. Since Proposition 215 passed in 1996, the Golden State has paved the way for medical and recreational marijuana. Today, buying weed online and getting it conveniently delivered to your door is easier than ever for California residents over 21.

Key Points

  • Recreational marijuana delivery is legal and accessible statewide in California for those 21+
  • Hundreds of licensed dispensaries now offer online cannabis sales with delivery
  • Compare products, deals and delivery times across top-rated dispensaries
  • Legal purchase limits exist
  • up to 1 oz of flower or 8 grams of concentrates
  • Only order from licensed dispensaries following all regulations
  • Expect fast, discreet delivery to both homes and many public locations
  • Payment options include debit/credit cards, cryptocurrency, cash upon delivery

With full recreational cannabis legalization passing in 2016, adults 21 and over can now legally order marijuana online from state-licensed dispensaries and have their products conveniently delivered statewide right to them.

California boasts the largest legal marijuana market in the country, generating over $4 billion in sales in 2020 alone. The COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated the shift from traditional in-store dispensary shopping towards more convenient online ordering and weed delivery options.

Below we cover everything you need to know about safely and legally buying recreational or medical marijuana online and getting it delivered in California:

Yes, marijuana delivery is legal across the entire state of California for both recreational and medical use.

The legal framework allowing licensed dispensaries to deliver cannabis products directly to customers over 21 was first established under Prop 64 and the resulting 2018 Adult Use of Marijuana Act laws.

As long as the dispensary holds an active state license, they can ship to addresses anywhere in California regardless of local city or county bans. This makes access to legal weed delivery universal across the Golden State.

However, some important limitations on legal weed delivery include:

  • Recipient must prove they are 21+ upon delivery
  • Deliveries can only be made by licensed dispensaries or delivery services
  • Purchase and possession limits under state law still apply
  • Local municipalities can regulate operational hours for delivery

As long as these rules are followed, California cannabis consumers can enjoy safe, convenient access to weed delivery through fully compliant, legal channels.

Finding Top Rated Marijuana Delivery Dispensaries

From major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco to small rural towns, hundreds of licensed dispensaries now offer cannabis delivery statewide.

The key is identifying reputable, top-rated marijuana delivery services known for premium products, reasonable prices, and outstanding customer service.

Here are the best ways to find dispensaries offering weed delivery near you in California:

  • Search on weed delivery aggregators – Platforms like Eaze and Weedmaps make finding dispensaries providing delivery to your exact address a breeze. Simply enter your location and browse options.
  • Check dispensary finder sites – Resources like Leafly and Where’s Weed list licensed dispensaries across California, noting which provide delivery. Filter and sort by location, rating, popularity and product offerings.
  • Look for local brands – Many reputable dispensaries like Med Men, Caliva and Sherbinskis operate locations across the state along with delivery. See if these trusted names deliver to you.
  • Search on Google – Using generic search terms like “weed delivery near me” yields many options. Vet sites carefully for licensing, lab results and positive reviews.
  • Ask for referrals – Talk to friends who order weed online about their go-to delivery dispensaries. First-hand referrals can help identify top picks.

Take time to thoroughly research and vet any service before ordering. Verifying active state and local licenses, lab testing, positive reviews and fair prices ensures you get quality cannabis safely delivered.

Ordering Weed Delivery in California Step-by-Step

Ordering marijuana delivery in California is a quick and convenient process with many dispensaries. Here’s an overview of what to expect:

  1. Browse products – Select from a wide variety of marijuana flowers, vapes, edibles, concentrates and more. Reputable services offer diverse, quality-tested selections.
  2. Create account – Make an account for faster checkout on future orders. Enter your details and add payment methods. Or skip this step to check out as a guest.
  3. Choose delivery address – Pick a home or any other public address. Many allow deliveries to parks, beaches, hotels and other legal public locations.
  4. Pick delivery time – Select your preferred 1-hour delivery window. Most dispensaries offer ASAP, scheduled, and next day delivery options.
  5. Upload ID – Submit a photo of your valid government-issued 21+ ID for age verification. Some dispensaries scan upon delivery instead.
  6. Pay for order – Choose your payment method. Debit/credit card payments are common. Some take cash upon delivery or cryptocurrencies.
  7. Track order – Get real-time delivery status updates via text or email. See when your driver has picked up your products and is en route.
  8. Provide ID at delivery – Show your 21+ ID again upon delivery for identity verification before accepting orders.

And that’s it! Enjoy your weed products ordered online for delivery at your convenience.

What to Expect with Weed Delivery in California

Wondering what the actual weed delivery experience is like once you’ve placed your order? Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:

  • Discrete, child-proof packaging that doesn’t indicate cannabis contents
  • Confirmation of your identity, age, and sobriety upon delivery
  • Signature required to accept the order
  • Payment collection if you didn’t pre-pay online
  • Checking that your products match your order
  • Option to leave feedback about the products and delivery experience

Reputable California marijuana delivery services make the entire process fast, simple, and discreet. You’ll receive your weed safely and conveniently without ever leaving home.

California Purchase Limits for Weed Delivery

Despite recreational cannabis being fully legal, California still enforces purchase limits on how much marijuana you can legally buy and possess at one time.

These limits apply whether you’re buying in-store or ordering weed delivery:


  • 1 ounce of flower/bud
  • 8 grams of cannabis concentrates
  • 6 immature plants


  • 8 ounces of flower/bud
  • 12 immature plants
  • Concentrate limits determined by doctor’s recommendation

Any single weed delivery order must abide by these maximum amounts. Be sure to check your cart total before submitting your order.

Going over state limits by ordering repeatedly in short periods may be considered illegal stockpiling. Use good judgment when ordering quantities.

Types of Marijuana Products Available for Delivery

One major benefit of ordering weed delivery in California is accessing an incredible variety of marijuana products.

Licensed dispensaries work with expert cultivators, extractors and product manufacturers to offer diverse cannabis options including:

Product TypeDetails
FlowerPacks of premium cannabis bud/flower, available across strains and THC/CBD levels
Pre-rollsConvenient pre-rolled joints, infused blunts, and multi-packs
Vape cartridgesPre-filled vape carts and disposable vape pens with THC or CBD oil
ConcentratesWaxes, shatters, crumbles, rosins, and solventless hash
EdiblesGummies, chocolates, baked goods, drinks, tinctures, and capsules
TopicalsLotions, balms, ointments, patches, bath products, and lubes
Product Table

Reputable delivery services provide detailed descriptions, high-quality photography, and often user reviews to help you find exactly what marijuana products you’re looking for.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions on available products before ordering weed delivery.

Payment Options for Online Weed Orders

Due to cannabis still being illegal at the federal level, payment options for weed delivery orders are somewhat limited compared to other ecommerce purchases.

However, California dispensaries accept a variety of convenient payment methods including:

  • Debit/credit cards – Most services accept major debit and credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
  • Digital wallets – Options like Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal are available with select retailers who integrate them.
  • Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are accepted by many dispensaries. Transactions are discrete.
  • Cash – You can pay with physical cash upon delivery. Make sure to have exact change ready.
  • Gift cards – Some allow purchasing delivery orders with prepaid Visa or Mastercard gift cards.
  • ACH bank transfer – Linking directly to your checking account to transfer funds is supported by certain dispensaries.

Check each dispensary’s payment policies. Reputable retailers offer multiple secure payment methods and will never pressure you into risky or otherwise illegal payment channels.

Privacy and Discretion with California Weed Delivery

One common concern with weed delivery is keeping your personal information private as well as keeping deliveries discreet.

Licensed marijuana delivery services take extensive measures to protect privacy and avoid any indicators of cannabis in shipments. You can expect:

  • Website and payment encryption to protect all personal data
  • Discrete, child-proof packaging without any labels showing contents
  • Unmarked vehicles operated by professional, uniformed drivers
  • ID check upon delivery instead of signatures for paperwork
  • Your name and info never shared publicly
  • Packages never left unattended or with anyone else

Additionally, opting for contactless delivery and using cash or cryptocurrency as payment provides enhanced discretion. As long as you order from a legally compliant dispensary, your privacy is ensured throughout the weed delivery process.

The Benefits of Weed Delivery in California

From unrivaled convenience to superior product variety, getting cannabis delivered offers major upside compared to buying in local stores.

Here are the top benefits of ordering weed delivery across California:

More Product Selection

Online dispensaries work with a vast network of growers, manufacturers and suppliers. This gives access to hundreds of strains, products, brands and more that local stores can’t match.

Better Prices and Deals

Lower overhead costs for delivery-only services allow them to pass major savings onto you. Find affordable deals and bulk pricing not found in-store.

Total Convenience

Order anytime from anywhere in minutes. Avoid traffic, parking, and waiting in line at dispensaries. Get weed delivered wherever is most convenient for you.

Enhanced Privacy

Delivery means no publicly visiting dispensaries. Your information and contents of orders is kept completely confidential as well.

Fast Access to New Drops

Hot new product drops sell out instantly in stores. Delivery services limit purchase amounts to ensure enough stock across their service regions.

Reviews and Descriptions

Online menus provide in-depth strain, product and brand descriptions, reviews and feedback for informed selection.

Weed delivery combines the best of ecommerce shopping and cannabis to take the entire experience to the next level. Ordering online beats dispensaries across all factors for most California consumers.

California Weed Delivery FAQs

For those new to online cannabis shopping, many frequently asked questions come up. Here are answers to some of the top FAQs around ordering weed delivery in California:

User Reviews of California Weed Delivery

Curious what real customer experiences are like ordering recreational marijuana delivery across California? Here are some recent reviews:

“I’m able to conveniently get my favorite vape carts and edibles delivered in under an hour. The website makes ordering super easy. And unbeatable prices compared to dispensaries near me!” – Amy D. in Sacramento, CA

“Being able to pick from the huge variety of premium flowers and pre-rolls online is awesome. Way more options than any dispensary I’ve visited in person. Quick delivery and awesome service.” – Max R. in Los Angeles, CA

“My go-to for fast, discreet weed delivery at great prices. I love the rewards program and discounts for reorder customers. The driver was super professional and ordered exactly as described.” – Lucas P. in San Diego, CA

“Amazing selection of brands, concentrates, oils and edibles with thorough descriptions and photos. Same day delivery is really convenient. Recommend!” – Sarah L. in Palm Springs, CA

Across cities from San Francisco to San Diego, weed lovers are huge fans of the quality, convenience, and privacy of cannabis delivery. Ordering online beats dispensaries with cheaper prices and better selection.

Get Weed Safely Delivered Across California

Thanks to full recreational legalization, adults 21+ across California can have top shelf marijuana products conveniently delivered right to their door.

Choosing licensed, reputable dispensaries ensures you receive high-quality cannabis through legal channels safely and discretely.

Take advantage of unmatched selection and deals by skipping the dispensary and ordering your weed online for delivery today!

California Dispensary List for Weed Delivery [1]

  • Airfield Supply Co Delivery – San Jose, CA
  • Alpine Alternative Delivery – Alpine, CA
  • Budee Delivery – Santa Ana, CA
  • Caliva Delivery – Multiple Locations
  • Emjay Delivery – Multiple Locations
  • Flow Kana Delivery – Humboldt County, CA
  • Ganja Goddess Delivery – Sacramento, CA
  • Eaze Delivery – Multiple Locations
  • MedMen Delivery – Multiple Locations
  • Sherbinskis Delivery – Multiple Locations
  • Sava Delivery – Multiple Locations
  • Sweet Flower Delivery – Multiple Locations

Check each dispensary’s license, reviews and delivery area to find one that services your address in California. Order conveniently online for fast, legal weed delivery today!

Start Ordering Weed Delivery in California

Now that you know the ins and outs of safely and legally ordering recreational marijuana for delivery across the Golden State, it’s time to start enjoying the convenience yourself!

Here are some final tips for placing your first California weed delivery order:

  • Double check your delivery address – Make sure it’s properly entered and eligible for service.
  • Have your government ID ready – They’ll request a clear photo or scan it upon arrival to verify your age.
  • Pick a discreet dropoff point – Consider leaving at your door, with the doorman, around back, etc.
  • Pay with cash or cryptocurrency if privacy is a concern – This keeps payments discrete and off records.
  • Tip your driver – Customary 15-20% tip for good service, especially during peak hours or remote deliveries.
  • Leave feedback about your experience – This helps dispensaries improve while earning you rewards and discounts!

Ordering weed delivery in California is easy, fast, and convenient for all adults 21 and over. Avoid dispensary crowds and parking headaches. Have an expansive array of top-quality cannabis products brought right to your preferred address.

Visit a reputable, licensed marijuana delivery service operating in your area today to sign up and place your first order! Ditch the dispensary lines and experience the ultimate in speed and convenience.

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