White Rhino Strain for Sale

White Rhino Strain for Sale

White Rhino Strain is a cannabis leaf from the hybrid family with 90% indica. White Rhino Strain was created by the brilliant entrepreneur Arjan Roskam within his Green House Seed Company.

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White Rhino Strain Information

White Rhino Strain is a cannabis leaf from the hybrid family with 90% indica. White Rhino Strain was created by the brilliant entrepreneur Arjan Roskam within his Green House Seed Company. It is a small bud, with dark and light green colors. This cannabis strain has only 20% THC and 1% CBD. The strain has a wide variety of flavors which gives consumers a special taste. Without its sweet, woody and earthy aromas, smokers would taste like smoke.


As referenced, White Rhino strain got its name on account of its oddly sharp leaf and bud developments, making it resemble a rhinoceros horn sneering out from the plant.

However White Rhino plants will quite often develop rather ragged and wide, with regards to most indica mixtures, it can become astoundingly tall also.

The actual bud is excellent, with bountiful amounts of dribbling trichomes that grip to the external plant, providing it with the presence of having a white glossing over up and down the outside.

To take advantage of this intriguing looking strain, it is ideal to attempt to develop it yourself. We should investigate what sort of particular information you really want to attempt to develop some White Rhino yourself.


Like its parent strain, White Widow, White Rhino has a particularly natural fragrance that is upheld by components of heavy wood, like oak and maple. You can hope to smell the serenity of an old woodland while first smoking the bud, as well as a constant pleasantness that isn’t excessively disparate from sweet tree sap.

When smoked, the pleasantness starts to disseminate, being supplanted by a significantly oaken smell that is incredibly suggestive of secondhand store shop furniture.

This straightforward strain has a wide assortment of intricacies in its fragrance, however in its taste too.


Like a great deal of other indica strains, White Rhino’s taste is very like its fragrance. You can expect a lot of natural woodiness upheld by strangely tangy pleasantness.

Nonetheless, White Rhino is a strain whose flavor creates as the smoke advances. The full taste of White Rhino strain is an intriguing blend of the lingering flavor of the developed oak that you get in the principal significant piece joined with the strangely smoky quality you find in ensuing puffs that is strikingly like a wood fire.

White Rhino Strain Effects

Like every Indica hybrid that has at any point been reared, White Rhino strain has genuinely run of the mill aftereffects because of its reproducing.

You can anticipate that dry mouth and dry eyes should torment you for a brief time in the wake of utilizing, frequently causing an abundance of eye scouring that could leave you with two or three imprints on your eyes if you don’t watch out.

The second most detailed result of White Rhino strain is ordinarily viewed as dazedness – this is a piece not quite the same as its other Indica’s and can once in a while demonstrate an issue for those that as of now experience the ill effects of bleary eyed spells or in any case feel particularly powerless from confusion.

This is a really uncommon event, be that as it may, about on similar level as the standard dangers of distrustfulness and gentle migraines. These last side effects are commonly possibly present when White Rhino is abused, so you are reasonable fine assuming you are smoking with some restraint.

However there are a few strains that have pretty strong antagonistic impacts to oblige its up-sides, White Rhino is sensibly shortsighted in such manner – you will not actually notice excessively.

THC Content

White Rhino strain is one of those strains with a madly elevated degree of normal THC per plant. With upper estimations enlisting at 22% and normal plant yields at 18%, White Rhino beats a critical number of other Indica hybrid strains in sheer THC concentration levels.

This high amount of THC makes White Rhino somewhat perilous for inexperienced clients – on the off chance that you’re not used to the strong payoff of White Rhino, you could end up thumped completely insane.

Buy White Rhino Strain Online

Very much like White Widow, White Rhino Strain is a flexible and valuable strain, ready to not just assist with treating a heap of various clinical illnesses yet additionally to leave you feeling both soothed and relieved.

With a strong flavor and fragrance that is maybe the nearest you will at any point come to partaking in maryjane that scents like a new oak backwoods, White Rhino is well known among cannabis fans that are searching for new and fascinating taste encounters.

Whether you are searching for new taste sensations or you are soon after a strong Indica prevailing Hybrid that can leave you completely loose and quiet, White Rhino is an extraordinary strain to evaluate yourself.

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White Rhino Strain for Sale