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Blue Cheese strain is a delicious and sweet strain with a distinctively cheese-like aftertaste. Blue Cheese strain is a blend of earth and blueberry to help you cool down the cheesiness to your taste.

This strain is perfect for those who require a few minutes of calm, as it can provide the feeling of complete happiness, relaxation, or even a slight feeling of sedation as the time goes by.

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Blue Cheese Strain Information

Blue Cheese Strain is classified as a hybrid with an approximate 80percent Indica and 20 percent Sativa in its genetic profile. Blue Cheese Strain is from the Cheese family and is an assortment of cannabis strains bred within the United Kingdom.

Of course, breeders are always striving to be more inventive, and they put a few genetic twists in the form of a few ‘genetic twists’ to the original and distinctive Cheese strain, which is one of them was the now-famous Blue Cheese.

The result of a cross between the parent plant species UK Cheese (hybrid) and Blueberry (Indica) The result was a rich strain with a high concentration of THC and that classic cheesy scent.

Officially speaking, Blue Cheese marijuana is classified as an Indica with an approximate 80percent Indica and 20 percent Sativa in its genetic profile. Contrary to most traditional Indicas, however, the high of Blue Cheese marijuana won’t strike you with a swarm of bricks, and it covers your body in a smudge and brings overall relaxation with an array of health advantages.

THC levels in Blue Cheese generally hover at least 20, and it’s certainly not the most potent of strains that we’ve reviewed at Canary Weed Delivery. This one definitely ranks top of the list for a type of ganja that’s an absolute hitter. Do not underestimate the Big Cheese unless you would like to be the one to suffer the consequences.

Several seed banks have created their own variant of Blue Cheese in the years, which is why the wide distribution of this hilarious little strain.

Big Buddha Seeds, for instance, is frequently believed to have brought a fine Blue Cheese strain to the market. In addition, Royal Queen Seeds and Barney’s Farm, both based in the Netherlands, have created their own versions of Blue Cheese, and growers frequently rely on these breeders to provide top-quality seeds.


The characteristic that defines Blue Cheese marijuana is the fascinating scent and taste that is a bit like what you would expect to be… authentic cheese. In actuality, the taste is a little sour, much like the taste of Parmesan and Gouda.


Contrary to the aroma, the flavor of Blue Cheese is on the sweeter side, with the majority of the sourness performing off in the combustion process. Inhalation can be sweet and delicious, but the exhalation turns earthy, musky, and occasionally spicy (but always strong).


The Blue Cheese strain has a subtle blueish-purple undertone in terms of appearance. The sugar leaves show beautiful-like shades that are pastel purples.

Overall the buds look beautiful resin-coated and have an attractive and sparkling appearance that could make the mouth of any stoner tingle with excitement.

Flowers of Blue Cheese are typically diverse shades of green/yellow and are adorned with streaks of pistils that are sandy orange (fine hairs), which are extremely curling and tight wounds.

The water leaves typically come in various colors that can appear in any shade ranging from dark green to deep violet. This causes the wide range of available hues for the strain to be particularly prominent. Overall it’s a strain that’s just as attractive visually as delicious.

Blue Cheese Strain Grow Info

Every new cannabis cultivator who is out there could breathe huge sighs of relief as Blue Cheese cannabis is an easy strain to grow.

It is a strain with natural immunity to the effects of mold, which is an advantage since Blue Cheese actually thrives most outdoors, even in frigid climates, so it has its UK origins. Colder climates, such as those found in England, are also likely to result in higher humidity levels, and this can cause issues with powdery mildew and mold.

Because of its natural resistance to powdery mildew, mold insects, pests, and more, Blue Cheese growers won’t be worried about their crops being destroyed by the onset of severe weather or an invading army of tiny microscopic pests.

Contrary to some Indica’s, Blue Cheese is average in terms of height and stems that typically sprawl out and extend long and wide.

It is believed that the Blue Cheese strain is the short blooming time that lasts between 8 and 9 weeks. Outdoor harvest happens around the last week of September, which is earlier than normal harvests, which usually fall in October.

The short time between flowering is a benefit that means you can harvest more seasons in a year (if you opt to cultivate indoors). When you decide to plant indoors or outside, the amount of yield from both environments doesn’t differ significantly and is a good thing for those who don’t reside in the perfect area to grow Blue Cheese weed outside.

Indoor crops thrive when grown with hydroponics and soil-building techniques, which means there’s plenty of freedom for those who cultivate this plant. The average indoor yield is around 18 grams per square meter, while outdoor yields are marginally higher at 19 an ounce per plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

The people who have tried it out become totally snared. With a huge THC amount, all around developed blue cheese buds have been evaluated at 15-20% THC organization in led lab tests.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Blue Cheese strain isn’t known for having much in the method of CBD. Its CBD content will in general reach somewhere in the range of 0.04% and 0.2%.

Medical Benefits of Blue Cheese

One of the most popular strains to control high levels of stress, lack of appetite, chronic pain, and sleepiness, Blue Cheese weed offers medicinal benefits typical of Indica strains. However, the Blue Cheese strain typically does not trigger the immediate sensation of craving to sleep; instead, it is gradual as the high increases.

The majority of patients who use Blue Cheese to relieve pain decide to take a dose greater than average to maximize the healing benefits of Blue Cheese.

Patients suffering from mental disorders may get satisfaction from the Blue Cheese strain. Those suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, and anxiety have all experienced positive therapy that could transform their lives therapy.

Side Effects of Blue Cheese Strain

Though Blue Cheese strain has a significant THC quantity, its calm and tranquil Indica genetics doesn’t create THC-induced anxiety or anxiety among those susceptible to the occurrence.

This is good news for everyone as it creates Blue Cheese, a suitable strain for a variety of people – and more diversity in the cannabis world is always a good thing.

The majority of users who have consumed Blue Cheese have reported the symptoms of cottonmouth (dry mouth) and dry eyes. This is typical of any marijuana strain. Both of these side effects are easily managed with a little more preparation. For instance, you could drink plenty of fluids that hydrate before, during, and following the high, and keep moisturizing eye drops to hand.

Buy Blue Cheese Strain Online

This appealing cannabis strain has left an indelible impression on the cannabis world and has traveled nearly halfway across the world to California, where it has been a popular choice for cannabis enthusiasts and patients alike.

Blue’Cheese’ strains are an absolute must-try for those committed to their cannabis consumption. We think this will be your top choice when you find a superior genotype.

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Blue Cheese Strain
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