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Obama Kush Strain is a relatively new hybrid strain originating from Michigan, and it results from crossing the OG Kush strain with the Afghani landrace strain. It’s an Indica-leaning hybrid that is fantastic for those who want to be relaxed and inventive. Obama Kush also tastes fantastic and has notes of pine, grape, and a general sweetness to make you smile.

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Obama Kush Strain Information

Obama Kush Strain is a rare kind of Indica that gives the usual relaxation that comes with an Indica bud but with the stimulating and cerebral stimulation which is so well-loved by cannabis plants that are sativa. In contrast to the typical Indica that locks you into a couch, Obama Kush offers a relaxed and calming vibe but provides a wide range of stimulating effects that inspire ideas and creativity.

Originating from Michigan, Obama Kush is a clever crossing of OG Kush and an old-fashioned Afghani Landrace strain. The result? A smooth and balanced bud from start to the end! People have reported feeling incredibly relaxed while being engaged and eager to get creative. Obama Kush is ideal for people working in the creative sector or looking to think outside the box.

An unforgettable experience, Obama Kush is a great evening strain. Even though it’s not known for its sedative properties, it can make you feel quite sluggish and chilled, and it is when you’ve got an extensive list of physical tasks to complete this day!

With THC levels of about 16%, Obama Kush is middle-of-the-road marijuana perfect for beginners and experienced cannabis lovers!


In its scent, it is subtle. People have been impressed by the plant’s sweet, quiet and tangy smell, accompanied by a sweet and skunky scent that’s just to die for. For cannabis lovers, there’s an appealing grape scent that can be detected through the flavor of the buds.


With a sweet and sweet flavor that is tangy, Obama Kush is undoubtedly an option popular with those who aren’t experienced and may not like harsh and bitter buds. With delicious fruity notes and a slight piney flavor, Users will want to repeatedly return!


Intoxicated by fruity and sweet aromas, Obama Kush Strain is a beautiful flower. It has violet hues topped with a froth of pistils in deep red and trichomes. This is an absolute delight for the senses.

The cultivators from Obama Kush will appreciate the plants’ natural appearance, which is attractive and robust in height. It is short and intense as an indica plant with a stunning design. The flowers are a striking shade of deep violet highlighted by hairs of orange and red and finished off with a gorgeous coating made up of trichomes.

Obama Kush Strain Grow Info

For novice cultivators, Obama Kush could be difficult to grow and is widely believed to be growing at a moderate difficulty. We suggest that novice growers start working their way to this flower. If you’re willing to put the time into the effort, Obama Kush can be a rewarding flower to cultivate and boasts a vast yield and the ability to thrive in both outdoor and indoor environments.

We suggest our Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (SCROG) method to get the most out of this bud and increase the yields for indoor gardening. We suggest using a hydroponic system inside an enclosed space like a greenhouse for those who can only grow cultivation outdoors. A sound air circulation system and regular pruning can help you make the most of the potential for yield as well as flowering can take between 8 to 9 weeks.

Obama Kush can be described as a beautiful, low-maintenance plant that thrives in colder climates and only requires a dry environment to flourish. We suggest a temperature between 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results with this flower. A humid and wet climate can cause Obama Kush to develop mold. You must be cautious when growing for yourself.

In general, Obama Kush is strong and robust and shouldn’t cause any issues for anyone who wants to become a cannabis lover! It grows bushy and short and is stunning in deep violet hues and deep green leaves.

Medical Benefits of Obama Kush

One of the most notable characteristics of Obama Kush is the unique qualities of sativa, regardless of its indica roots, and it’s due to this fact that it is so well-liked by people suffering from it. With a THC concentration that won’t frighten users after just one session, Obama Kush boasts both cerebral advantages and intense physical relief that can be adapted perfectly to ailments.

People have reported that Obama Kush brings feelings of joy and calmness and allows the mind to relax, which can be an excellent catalyst for the arts of creativity. Perfect for people suffering from anxiety and stress, Obama Kush can help ease the stress of daily life and reduce anxiety symptoms.

Because of its relaxing properties, those suffering from ADD, ADHD, and even PTSD have discovered Obama Kush valuable to the price of gold. In addition to being great for mental wellbeing, Obama Kush can also provide powerful relief to pain users stating that it’s perfect for migraines and employed to relieve discomfort caused by a spinal injury.

Unwind and relax in a calm zone of brain-based creativity. The perfect nighttime strain You’ll be at peace and free of the Indica sedative commonly associated with these plants. It’s a great companion to a meditation or yoga class or simply reading the latest book.

Side Effects of Obama Kush Strain

We suggest that all users, new and old take it easy when taking the strain for the first time. The effects can take a few minutes to begin, and users must take it slowly and steadily to ensure that they don’t suffer any undesirable side effects.

The most common side effects of Obama Kush are achy mouth, dizziness, dry eyes.

Buy Obama Kush Strain Online

Are you looking to purchase the strain? Obama Kush can certainly deliver! If you are looking for a down-to-earth high that does not just ease the stresses of life but also can be applied well to anxiety and pain, there are no other buds quite like it.

We’d like to know whether you’ve tried Obama Kush. If so, what were your thoughts? If you’re brand new to marijuana, could this be your first experience?

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