Do-Si-Dos Strain

  • Do-Si-Dos is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain bred by Archive Seed Bank.
  • – It is a cross between Face Off OG and Girl Scout Cookies.
  • – Do-Si-Dos delivers a powerful body high and induces relaxation, happiness, and hunger.
  • – It has a THC level of around 20-27% and minimal CBD.
  • – Do-Si-Dos is popular for its potent psychoactive effects and sweet flavor with hints of mint and citrus.
  • – It provides relief from chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, appetite loss, and more.
  • – You can buy Do-Si-Dos strain online from licensed dispensaries like Weed Online Store.

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Do-Si-Dos is one of the most sought-after indica-dominant hybrid strains on the market today. This potent cannabis strain is renowned for its psychoactive effects and mouth-watering flavor.

In this complete guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the Do-Si-Dos marijuana strain.

What is the Do-Si-Dos Strain?

Do-Si-Dos, also commonly spelled Dosidos or Dos-Si-Dos, is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain bred by Archive Seed Bank in Oregon.

It was created by crossing two iconic strains – Face Off OG and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Face Off OG is itself a hybrid of OG Kush and Face Off BX1.

The result is a next-level indica-heavy strain with uplifting and mentally stimulating sativa effects. Do-Si-Dos goes by several nicknames like Dosido, Dosidoe, and Dos I Dos.

This wickedly powerful strain first appeared in dispensaries around 2014 and immediately gained popularity among both recreational and medical marijuana users.

Do-Si-Dos Strain Genetics

  • Face Off OG – The indica-dominant hybrid OG Kush and Face Off BX1 cross that gives Do-Si-Dos its signature sedative body effects.
  • Girl Scout Cookies – The sativa-dominant hybrid OG Kush and Durban Poison cross that provides Do-Si-Dos with its cerebral, mood-lifting qualities.

By combining energizing sativa and relaxing indica, Do-Si-Dos strikes the perfect balance between physical and mental effects for next-level high.

Do-Si-Dos Strain Effects

As an indica-dominant strain, Do-Si-Dos is best known for its therapeutic physical effects. However, it also delivers mentally stimulating sativa properties that provide the perfect balance.

Here are the effects you can expect from the Do-Si-Dos cannabis strain:

  • Relaxing body high
  • Uplifted mood
  • Euphoria
  • Happiness
  • Anxiety and stress relief
  • Pain relief
  • Increased appetite
  • Drowsiness
  • Sedation
  • Improved sleep

The high comes on relatively quickly after smoking or vaping Do-Si-Dos weed. You will feel a cerebral head rush followed by complete body relaxation that intensifies over time.

Do-Si-Dos is a great choice for relaxing with friends, treating pain and anxiety, improving sleep, or just melting stress away after a long day. The deeply sedating effects also make Do-Si-Dos popular for inducing appetite and alleviating nausea.

Do-Si-Dos THC and CBD Content

Lab tests indicate that Do-Si-Dos weed contains around:

  • THC: 20-27%
  • CBD: <1%

This makes Do-Si-Dos a very high potency THC-dominant strain with hardly any CBD. The substantial THC levels provide incredibly potent psychoactive effects.

CBD levels are negligible in Do-Si-Dos cannabis. However, the presence of other therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes still makes it an effective option for managing certain medical conditions.

Do-Si-Dos Terpene Profile

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in cannabis that determine flavor and effects. Here are some of the most prominent terpenes found in Do-Si-Dos marijuana:

  • Myrcene – Provides relaxing, sedative effects.
  • Limonene – Contributes a citrusy aroma and uplifting effects.
  • Linalool – Imparts floral notes and stress-relieving properties.
  • Caryophyllene – Adds a spicy, peppery flavor and anti-inflammatory effects.

This terpene profile gives Do-Si-Dos its signature aroma and therapeutic qualities. You can expect earthy, sweet, and citrusy notes with hints of spice.

Do-Si-Dos Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

Do-Si-Dos is renowned just as much for its mouth-watering flavor as its potent high. This strain has a complex terpene profile that delivers a super tasty smoking experience.


When smoked or vaped, Do-Si-Dos hits the palate with:

  • Sweet candy-like notes
  • Citrus
  • Mint
  • Spice
  • Earthiness

You may also detect hints of pine and herbs. The flavor is as multilayered as the high.


Do-Si-Dos buds produce a pleasantly pungent and sweet aroma accented by:

  • Floral notes
  • Citrus
  • Pungent earthiness
  • Spice

Breaking open the dense buds releases even stronger scents. The aroma is every bit as complex as the flavor.


Do-Si-Dos weed has a classic indica bud structure. The dense olive green nugs are completly caked in frosty white trichomes and reddish-orange pistils. These buds have an exotic appearance fitting of the unique terpene profile.

Do-Si-Dos Strain Grow Info

Do-Si-Dos can be moderately challenging to grow. This finicky hybrid requires some gardening experience and careful attention to grow successfully. Here are some key facts about growing the Do-Si-Dos marijuana strain:

  • Difficulty: Moderately difficult
  • Yield: Above average
  • Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
  • Height: Medium
  • Grow space: Indoors or outdoors

Growers should expose plants to slightly cooler temperatures between 64-80°F during the flowering stage to bring out those colorful pigments. Pruning the broad fan leaves allows light to reach the inner buds and avoid mold.

Do-Si-Dos is susceptible to mold, mildew, pests, and other issues when growing conditions are not closely monitored. With proper care and maintenance, growers can achieve good yields from these plants.

Do-Si-Dos Strain Origins

Archive Seed Bank in Portland, Oregon takes credit for creating the legendary Do-Si-Dos strain. They crossed Face Off OG with Girl Scout Cookies to breed this exclusive hybrid in their own facilities.

Shortly after its release in 2014, Do-Si-Dos quickly rose to stardom in the cannabis community. It even won 1st Place for Best Hybrid at the 2016 Emerald Cup.

The origins of the strain name are unclear. One account claims it references the Girl Scout Cookies parent. Another suggests it comes from the Spanish phrase “dos si dos,” meaning back-to-back.

Regardless of how it got its name, Do-Si-Dos cannabis has undeniably made a name for itself as a top-shelf indica-dominant hybrid.

Do-Si-Dos Strain Medical Benefits

While primarily bred for recreational use, Do-Si-Dos still provides many potential medical benefits, thanks to its potent effects.

Here are some of the conditions that Do-Si-Dos weed can help treat:

Chronic Pain

The powerful sedative body high from Do-Si-Dos can relieve all types of chronic pain, including:

  • Neuropathic pain
  • Inflammatory pain
  • Nociceptive pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Lower back pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Muscle aches

By activating CB1 receptors, THC provides immense painkilling effects throughout the body. The body high creates a warming sensation that helps distract the mind from pain.

Anxiety and Stress

While highly stimulating sativas can sometimes worsen anxiety, indicas like Do-Si-Dos tend to have the opposite effect. The relaxing cerebral buzz eases a racing mind and provides mood-lifting effects to relieve anxiety and depression.


The deeply sedating effects of Do-Si-Dos weed make it an ideal nighttime strain for improving sleep. The heavy full-body effects prepare both the body and mind for restful sleep. This strain may also help treat conditions that disrupt sleep like chronic pain, PTSD, and restless leg syndrome.

Appetite Loss

A common effect of Do-Si-Dos marijuana is feeling hungry even soon after consuming a large meal. This quality makes it useful for treating appetite loss, nausea, and wasting syndrome. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy often use this strain for this purpose.

Other Conditions

Do-Si-Dos may also aid in managing symptoms of other conditions like PTSD, ADHD, migraines, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and more.

However, individuals should consult their doctor before using cannabis as a medical treatment.

Do-Si-Dos Strain Review

Do-Si-Dos is easily one of the most sedating and potent indica-leaning hybrids available in the cannabis market today. It lives up to the hype surrounding this strain and then some.

The high comes on strong thanks to sky-high THC levels. You can expect dreamy euphoria followed by deep body relaxation that eliminates any pain or muscle tension. This strain is ideal for nighttime use and lazy weekends when you want to just melt into the couch.

While the powerful indica effects are the main appeal, Do-Si-Dos also provides a pleasant cerebral buzz with uplifting and focus-inducing sativa effects. This makes the high more complex and functional than pure indica strains. The stimulating mental properties allow you to enjoy activities while the body remains sedated.

Of course, the out-of-this-world flavor profile is an added bonus. Notes of sweet citrus and mint tantalize the taste buds. And the pungent earthy aroma with subtle fruity undertones is equally appealing.

All in all, Do-Si-Dos strain truly lives up to the hype as one of the most potent and tastiest cannabis hybrids around. It’s an essential strain to try for any marijuana connoisseur.

Where to Buy Do-Si-Dos Strain

Finding high-quality Do-Si-Dos cannabis is easier than ever thanks to licensed online dispensaries. Purchasing Do-Si-Dos weed online allows you to:

  • Access top-shelf strains not found locally
  • Get delivery right to your door
  • Shop a wide selection of products
  • Avoid shady local dealers
  • Read unbiased reviews from other users
  • Find the best prices and deals

Weed Online Store is one of the best places to buy Do-Si-Dos strain online. This reputable online dispensary offers:

  • Lab-tested products guaranteed to be mold-free and pure
  • Secure discrete shipping with guaranteed delivery
  • top-quality buds, extracts, edibles, and more
  • An extensive menu with popular hybrids, sativas, and indicas
  • Reasonable prices and deals on bulk orders
  • Excellent customer service

You can find an assortment of Do-Si-Dos products on Weed Online Store, ranging from whole flower buds to pre-rolls, vape carts, concentrates, edibles, and beyond.

Shop with confidence and enjoy fast delivery of any Do-Si-Dos weed products your heart desires!

Do-Si-Dos Strain FAQs

What does smoking Do-Si-Dos feel like?

Smoking Do-Si-Dos induces deep relaxation in both mind and body. You will feel euphoric and carefree while any pain or tension melts away. The sedating effects become stronger over time and often lead to drowsiness.

What does Do-Si-Dos strain smell like?

Do-Si-Dos emits a sweet, earthy aroma with hints of citrus, pine, and herbs when the dense frosty buds are broken apart. It has a classic dank cannabis scent with greater complexity.

What terpenes are in Do-Si-Dos?

Some of the top terpenes found in Do-Si-Dos include myrcene, limonene, linalool, and caryophyllene. This terpene profile creates a distinctive flavor and effects.

What are the effects of Do-Si-Dos weed?

Do-Si-Dos delivers a potent high that relaxes the body and lifts the mood. Main effects include euphoria, happiness, sedation, pain relief, increased appetite, and improved sleep.

What conditions does Do-Si-Dos cannabis help treat?

Do-Si-Dos may help alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, appetite loss, nausea, muscle spasms, and more.

How much THC does Do-Si-Dos contain?

Lab tests show that Do-Si-Dos marijuana contains around 20-27% THC. This makes it a very high potency THC-dominant strain.

How much does Do-Si-Dos cost?

Prices for Do-Si-Dos vary by dispensary but expect to pay around $35-60 for an eighth, $60-110 for a quarter, $100-200 for a half ounce, and $180-320 for an ounce of high-quality Do-Si-Dos buds. Buying in bulk can help lower the cost per gram.

Where can I buy Do-Si-Dos online?

Weed Online Store offers a wide selection of premium Do-Si-Dos products for sale online at affordable prices. Shop their collection of Do-Si-Dos flower, vapes, edibles, concentrates and more!

Final Thoughts on Do-Si-Dos Cannabis

Do-Si-Dos is a must-try indica-dominant hybrid renowned for being incredibly potent and delicious. This strain offers full-body relaxation paired with a mood-boosting cerebral buzz for a uniquely balanced high. The flavor and aroma burst with sweet, earthy, herbal notes that tantalize the senses. While recreational users love Do-Si-Dos for its potent effects and taste, medical patients also value its therapeutic qualities. If you are looking for an ultra-sedating indica that also provides cerebral invigoration, put Do-Si-Dos marijuana at the top of your strain list!

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