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Blueberry Strain is often thought of as a popular strain that lacks an intriguing and memorable name and an evident flavor profile. Blueberry Strain being an extremely basic cannabis isn’t a reason to hinder it from being one of the tops.

Blueberry was first developed in the 1970s, when American breeder DJ Short was crossbreeding landrace strains that were strains that evolved and developed in the wild with no human interference. The final strain was named Blueberry because of its clean and constant taste of fresh blueberries.

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Blueberry Strain Information

Blueberry Strain is often thought of as a popular strain that lacks an intriguing and memorable name and an evident flavor profile. But, its nature being an extremely basic strain isn’t a reason to hinder it from being one of the tops.

Blueberry was first developed in the 1970s, when American breeder DJ Short was crossbreeding landrace strains that were strains that evolved and developed in the wild with no human interference. The final strain was named Blueberry because of its clean and constant taste of fresh blueberries.

Because Blueberry is an old strain with long-standing genetics, there are huge differences between plants. Breeders have been playing around on DJ Short’s recipe for the longest time, so it’s quite possible to purchase some Blueberry buds only to be completely different from other buds you’ve smoked previously.

This was often the case when landrace crossbred strains and especially those that are so popular as Blueberry. If it has a taste like blueberries, it is certain of what you are getting, even if it’s somewhat different.

While Blueberry is often described as an Indica, it’s actually a hybrid of lineage from Afghani and Thai traditional strains. The majority of Blueberry’s effects are towards Indica, but, as such, most of the effects it produces are indica connected. But, the small amount of sativa provides this strain a great accent of cerebral energy that helps steer Blueberry far from being a completely couch-locking strain.


At first, when you smell Blueberry, You will undoubtedly be struck by the intense scent of tart, sweet blueberries. As the aroma continues, it will remind you of the popular Purple Thai strain.

There’s a lingering complex aroma that doesn’t have anything to do with blueberries. However, it has a peculiarly sweet spice similar to other Indica landrace strains.

Alongside the initial taste that is a blend of blueberries and spices and muskiness, there is an ethereal amount of petrol and skunk, much higher than what you’d think of to find in the Indica strain.

The scent of Blueberry is very different from the typical blueberry scent to smell, bringing with it inherent complexity beyond the flavor of pure blueberries.

However, the flavor is much more simple.


Like you would expect from Blueberry, the most overwhelming sensation is that of fresh-picked blueberries. However, there’s more nuance to the flavor of blueberries than one may think. For example, blueberries have a distinct flavor concerning their fruit ripeness and season.

The flavor from Blueberry cannabis is among the more overripe Blueberries that were picked just recently. It has an inbuilt sweetness that’s almost cloying, in a manner to the way it is possible to taste the sweetness of sugar directly off the spoon.

Although the sweetness of the initial taste may be a bit overwhelming for the palate, the delicious and juicy taste of blueberries instantly outweighs any issues.

Even though you’re definitely smoking the bud, it is a powerful sensation of the fresh blueberry juice exploding inside your mouth. Although it may seem, the flavor of Blueberry is not just pure blueberries, but it is one of the finest blueberries you’ve ever tried.


Like other Indica-dominant strains, Blueberry tends to have rather thick nugs. Because of its large amount of anthocyanins (a pigment that forms because of long exposure to sunlight and unique Indica genetics), buds will generally turn into a fascinating pattern of red and purple. It will develop only when the buds are allowed to dry properly and if you cultivate enough to realize their maximum potential.

What are you required to know if you wish to start growing yourself a Blueberry? What are the most advanced cultivation techniques you require to achieve that gorgeous shade?

Blueberry Strain Grow Info

Blueberry is one of the rare strains that can do extremely well outdoors, and this is probably because its genetics are closely related to the indigenous landrace strains in the Afghani mountains, which gives it incredible resilience to both low temperatures and humid conditions.

If you plan to plant Blueberry outdoors, you should fill the soil you’re planning to utilize filled with nutrients before planting the seeds. This will make it easier for both of you. Your plant can start absorbing the nutrients immediately, and you don’t have to feed it anymore.

As with all indicas, Blueberry is a good candidate for early topping. This is when you trim the plant by cutting off the top of the emerging growth to allow the plant to expand horizontally and produce more buds.

Ensure that you’re also regularly pruning off the inner stems and branches if you are doing this. This is due to the bushier brought on by lateral growth, and inside branches may be affected by powdery mildew that can damage the plant.

Blueberry is one of the most straightforward strains to cultivate yourself with a normal flowering schedule and a remarkable tolerance to temperatures. So long as you make time to regularly trim it and be sure to fill your soil regularly with castings of worms and bat guano after it has started flowering and blooming, your Blueberry plant will be a success.

So, what amount of THC can you anticipate extracting out of this Blueberry harvest?

THC Content – Highest Test

Blueberry isn’t just known for its incredible effects and unique taste; it is also renowned for its intense flavor.

It is possible to expect anything between 16% THC and all the way to 23.5 percent THC, making the Blueberry strain possibly one of the most potent Indica strains available. The average is 12.5 percent of an Indica average, which means that Blueberry can have almost double the average Indica’s levels in the most extreme range.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Like all Indica strains, you’ll have less CBD than THC. It is possible to expect 0.26 percent CBD from your Blueberry The upper limit at 0.5 percent. It is typically a result of distillation over the generations of breeder landrace strains to produce the most durable end product feasible.

Medical Benefits of Blueberry Strain

Like any potent strain, It is crucial to understand the medical issues it can help treat. Not everyone who takes cannabis is searching for the most powerful high – others are looking for beneficial medicinal remedies.

Like other Indica’s with powerful effects, Blueberry is most useful to treat anxiety and pain and feelings of anxiety or depression.

Because the huge amount of THC affects the body’s endocannabinoid system, Blueberry is a fantastic strain to fight mental illness or general unhappiness. If you’re struggling with the stress of your daily routine, Blueberry helps remove this stress by helping to promote a cheerful and healthy attitude towards life.

In addition, Blueberry is excellent for assisting in the treatment of insomnia. This isn’t because it causes you to go to sleep, like other Indica’s with strong effects, but rather because it can help you stifle the negative thoughts or stress that can hinder people from sleeping.

Instead of lulling you to sleep, Blueberry makes it easier to fall asleep easily and with a great mood and an overall feeling of peace and tranquility.

Another issue that can be addressed is generalized sensations of pain, particularly neuropathy. Due to the slightly more sedative and overall relaxing properties of Blueberry, it is easy to get rid of all unpleasant discomfort that is affecting your life.

With all the positive health benefits comes an expectation of some negative side effects. After all, every drug has adverse effects, isn’t it? What kinds of side consequences can you expect from the Blueberry strain?

Side Effects of Blueberry Strain

In many ways, Blueberry can be described as a complex strain that has powerful effects that go against the traditional classification of an Indica. Its flavor profile is much higher-end than the standard blueberries.

But when it comes to adverse consequences, Blueberry is woefully insignificant – exactly what you’d think.

People who use Blueberry will experience the constantly-present dry eye and mouth problems that have been a problem for marijuana users for a long time. Have a towel that is damp at hand in case you regularly have dry eyes, and keep drinking a glass of water to soothe your throat.

In addition, very few people have reported dizziness or other symptoms of head disorientation. Just ensure that you’re relaxed and safe, and you’ll be safe.

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Blueberry is an old-school strain. It is one that your father, and possibly even his grandfather before him, had smoked in their teens. Blueberry is a strain that has earned its place in the books of history and not just because it was a strain that laid the foundation for the rise of marijuana across the USA.

It is renowned for its easy taste but elegantly complex aroma and its powerful effects on relaxation and general funky flavor.

Many people may say that Blueberry is “an old-fashioned strain,” It is three primary reasons why it remains very popular today. It is delicious; it’s comfortable and robust.

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