Golden Goat Strain

  • – Golden Goat is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain bred from Hawaiian and Island Sweet Skunk genetics.
  • – It has a sweet, tropical aroma and inviting citrusy, fruity flavor.
  • – The high provides an uplifting, euphoric and creative buzz perfect for daytime use.
  • – Golden Goat is great for relieving stress, depression, fatigue, nausea and lack of appetite.
  • – This strain has medium to high THC levels of 15-23% on average.
  • – Golden Goat is best consumed in a dry herb vape, joint or pipe – great for social occasions.
  • – You can buy Golden Goat weed online from trusted stores like Weed Online Store.

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Golden Goat strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has become renowned for its sweet scent and euphoric high. This combination of effects has made Golden Goat a favorite among both recreational and medical cannabis users.

In this complete guide, you’ll learn everything about the Golden Goat strain – from its origins and genetics to its aroma, flavor, appearance and most importantly, effects and medicinal benefits. We’ll also provide tips on the best ways to consume Golden Goat and recommend the most trusted places to buy Golden Goat weed online.

Origin and History of Golden Goat Strain

The original Golden Goat strain was serendipitously created in Topeka, Kansas when a male Hawaiian-Romulan pollinated Mr. Dank’s Island Sweet Skunk mother. The result was a sativa-dominant hybrid with a unique tropical, fruity flavor.

This happy accident was then cultivated and stabilized by breeders at TGA Genetics. They worked on the strain for nearly a decade before finally releasing seeds in 2007.

Golden Goat went on to win multiple Cannabis Cup awards and has since become a staple on the menus of dispensaries across legal states. Its popularity has also spawned many cross-bred variants like Golden Pineapple, Golden Lemons and Golden Ticket.

Lineage and Genetics

  • Parent Strains – Island Sweet Skunk x Hawaiian
  • Genotype – 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
  • THC Content – 15-23%
  • CBD Content – 0.07-0.10%
  • Aromas – Sweet, tropical, citrusy
  • Flavors – Citrus, fruity, earthy, spicy

The Golden Goat strain is derived from the cross-breeding of:

  • Island Sweet Skunk – An invigorating sativa bred in Canada with sweet, skunky flavors. It provides an energetic, long-lasting head high.
  • Hawaiian – A rare, pure sativa landrace strain hailing from Hawaii. It has a fruity, tropical aroma and delivers a happy, euphoric mental buzz.

By combining these two sativa-dominant parents, breeders were able to create a strain that retained the focused, creative effects of a sativa while having some of the mellowing properties of an indica.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavor

Golden Goat weed can be identified by its dense, bud structure and bright green color covered in amber hairs and a frosty layer of trichomes.

It has an inviting tropical aroma reminiscent of pineapple and mango with a hint of citrus. Flavor-wise, you can expect a sweet, fruity taste with spicy undertones on exhale. Many compare it to the flavor of tropical Starburst candy.

There are also subtle earthy and skunky notes inherited from its Island Sweet Skunk parent. Overall, the tropical sweetness dominates though, making this a delicious and mouthwatering strain.

Experience and Effects

Golden Goat delivers an energizing, euphoric high perfect for battling stress, fatigue and depression. It provides motivation and creativity for daytime activities without being overpowering.

The high comes on fast, typically reaching its peak within 15 minutes of post-ingestion. It starts with a rushing cerebral head high that boosts mood and motivation.

This is followed by a relaxing warmth that spreads across the body, allowing you to stay productive without any sedative effects. The combination of mental stimulation and physical relaxation creates a uniquely blissful experience.

You can expect around 1.5-2 hours of uplifted euphoria before the high gently tapers off, leaving you feeling motivated and in a great mood.

Best Uses for Golden Goat Weed

Thanks to its strong sativa genetics, Golden Goat marijuana is ideal for:

  • Daytime and Morning Use – The clear-headed, focused buzz won’t leave you feeling tired or groggy. It’s great for getting your day started on a positive note.
  • Battling Fatigue – Golden Goat delivers long-lasting energy and motivation perfect for fighting midday fatigue or brain fog.
  • Enhancing Creativity – Many users report feeling more imaginative and inspired after using Golden Goat weed. Great for artists, writers and other creative ventures.
  • Social Occasions – With its positive vibes and tendency to make conversations flow more freely, Golden Goat is fantastic for parties and hanging out with friends.
  • Relieving Stress – Golden Goat quickly lifts mood and eases worries, making it a go-to strain for chronic stress or anxiety sufferers.

For these reasons, Golden Goat remains a popular choice among both recreational cannabis consumers and medical marijuana patients.

Golden Goat Strain Medical Benefits

In addition to recreational uses, Golden Goat offers several medical cannabis applications:

  • Depression – Golden Goat’s mood-lifting qualities can temporarily reduce depressive symptoms and feelings.
  • Chronic Pain – While not the most potent analgesic strain, Golden Goat does provide mild, full-body pain relief.
  • Nausea – Golden Goat weed can ease nausea and stimulate appetite, helping chemo patients get nutrition.
  • Fatigue – The energizing sativa effects help overcome daytime tiredness and lethargy.
  • Headaches – Many report Golden Goat reducing intensity of headaches and migraines.
  • Stress Disorders – The one-two punch of euphoria and relaxation can temporarily ease anxiety, PTSD, and chronic stress.

While Golden Goat is more therapeutic than sedative, it can also help those suffering from insomnia when used several hours before bedtime.

If considering Golden Goat or any strain for a medical purpose, be sure to consult your healthcare provider first for appropriate dosing and potential medication interactions.

What’s the Best Way to Consume Golden Goat Weed?

Golden Goat weed can be consumed in many ways, but we recommend:


  • Joints – Golden Goat’s smooth flavor profile makes it a great choice for rolling joints. The sativa effects help spur creativity and social connections.
  • Pipes – Pack a bowl and puff away! Pipes are simple, portable, and put Golden Goat’s tropical fruit flavors on full display.
  • Dry Herb Vapes – Vaping Golden Goat preserves more terpenes and cannabinoids while avoiding smoke. Convection vapes like the Mighty or Pax 3 work great.


  • Gummies – Fruity, chewy gummies pair perfectly with Golden Goat’s own tropical flavors for a tasty treat. Start with 5mg doses.
  • Baked Goods – The earthy kush undertones of Golden Goat shine through in brownies, cookies and other baked edibles.
  • Cannabis Oils – MCT oil infusions are an easy way to consume Golden Goat without needing to inhale. Add drops under the tongue or to food/drinks.

We recommend starting with lower doses of edibles and waiting at least 90 minutes before increasing your dose, as effects manifest slower when ingested.

Vaping or smoking will provide more immediate relief if you need it fast.

Golden Goat Strain Grow Info

Golden Goat can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Growers should expect a challenging grow that requires some experience and meticulous care. The upside is that yields are very high when grown properly.

Here are some key Golden Goat growing tips:

  • Grows best in a warm, semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate.
  • Medium to high maintenance strain overall. Ensure optimal conditions to avoid problems.
  • Requires plenty of nutrients in the vegetative stage to reach full potential.
  • Topping and training recommended to maximize yields indoors.
  • Finishes flowering in 9-10 weeks indoors or late September to early October outdoors.
  • Yields up to 18 oz per plant or 500-600 g/m2 indoors.
  • Highly resistant to mold, mildew, pests and common plant diseases.

Where to Buy Golden Goat Weed Online

If you don’t want the headache of growing your own Golden Goat plants at home, the easiest way to get your hands on this top-shelf strain is to buy Golden Goat weed online from a trusted marijuana dispensary.

We recommend purchasing Golden Goat from Weed Online Store. Here’s why:

  • Huge Selection – Choose from a variety of high-quality Golden Goat strains, oils, edibles and more.
  • Best Prices – As an online dispensary, Weed Online Store offers amazing deals and discounts on bulk orders.
  • Discreet Shipping – All orders are vacuum sealed and shipped in discreet packaging with no supplier information.
  • Reliable Delivery – Expect fast processing and delivery in as little as 24-48 hours.
  • Top Notch Customer Service – Real cannabis experts ready to answer any questions and ensure you have the best experience.
  • Secure Payment – Weed Online Store accepts convenient payment options like e-transfer, Bitcoin, and credit cards.

No matter which consumption method or Golden Goat product you desire, you can find it in the Weed Online Store menu and have it conveniently delivered right to your door.

FAQs about Golden Goat Weed

How much THC is in Golden Goat weed?

Most batches of Golden Goat tests are between 15-23% THC content. However, some lab results show numbers outside of this range. It really depends on the particular phenotype and growing conditions. Expect strong but not overpowering effects from the THC levels.

What kind of high does Golden Goat give you?

Golden Goat delivers an energetic head high that boosts mood and creativity, followed by a relaxing body buzz. Users report feeling euphoric, happy and motivated but not anxious or wired.

Is Golden Goat sativa or indica?

Golden Goat is sativa-dominant hybrid made from crossing Island Sweet Skunk (sativa) and Hawaiian (sativa). It exhibits mostly sativa traits including an energetic, mental high. The indica relaxation is mild.

What terpenes are in Golden Goat?

Golden Goat contains abundant limonene, pinene, caryophyllene and myrcene terpenes. This gives it a sweet, tropical aroma with citrus and diesel undertones. The terpene profile contributes to its unique effects.

What does Golden Goat smell and taste like?

Golden Goat has a fragrant, fruity aroma reminiscent of tropical fruits like mango, pineapple and citrus. The exhale tastes sweet and earthy with subtle spicy notes. It’s a very pleasant flavor.

What are the best uses for Golden Goat strain?

Thanks to its sativa-driven effects, Golden Goat works great for energy, daytime use, creativity, social activities, mood enhancement, stress relief and mild pain management. It can also stimulate appetite.

What are the side effects of Golden Goat?

When over-consumed, Golden Goat can cause common side effects like dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness and paranoid anxiety. Start with small doses to find your ideal amount. Drink water and take it slow.

Is Golden Goat weed good for anxiety?

In small doses, Golden Goat can temporarily relieve anxiety and depression by lifting mood and motivation. However, over-consumption may increase anxiety due to the intense sativa-like high. Moderate dosing is key for anxiety.

How long does a Golden Goat high last?

Expect the peak effects of Golden Goat to last around 60-90 minutes. However, some feel uplifted and focused for longer, around 2 hours. The entire experience usually lasts up to 3 hours.

Final Thoughts on Golden Goat Cannabis

If you’re looking for mood-boosting sativa that relieves stress and depression without putting you to sleep, it’s hard to beat Golden Goat marijuana. This uplifting strain has become a staple in both recreational and medical markets.

We hope this guide gave you a comprehensive overview of the Golden Goat strain – from its breeder origins and genetics to its distinct look, smell, taste and unique effects. Finding quality Golden Goat weed can be a challenge, which is why we recommend ordering online from a trusted source like Weed Online Store.

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