Berry White Strain

  • Genetics: Blueberry x White Widow
  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid (70% indica / 30% sativa)
  • Potency: THC 18-27%

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Berry White Strain: The Ultimate Guide

Berry White Strain Key Takeaways

  • Berry White is an indica-dominant hybrid strain bred from Blueberry and White Widow.
  • It has an average THC content of 18-27%, making it a rather potent strain.
  • Berry White provides relaxing, euphoric effects that ease both physical and mental health symptoms.
  • The flavor has been described as a sweet mix of blueberry, raspberry, and grape notes.
  • The Berry White high leaves users feeling happy, uplifted, relaxed, sleepy, and hungry.
  • This strain works well for insomnia, pain relief, appetite stimulation, anxiety, and depression.
  • Potential side effects include dry mouth, red eyes, paranoia, and drowsiness if over-consumed.
  • Berry White grows best in a warm, sunny Mediterranean climate and typically flowers in 8-9 weeks.
  • As a rare strain, it can be hard to find but is worth seeking out for its stellar properties.
  • Reviews praise Berry White for its resinous buds, fruit flavors, and deeply soothing high.
  • It makes an excellent nighttime strain for relaxation and sleep though daytime use may cause sedation.

Berry White strain is a rare and unique indica-dominant hybrid that provides a powerful body high and delicious berry flavors. This strain has quickly become a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs and medical marijuana patients alike.

By the end, you’ll be a Berry White expert, fully prepared to seek out this special strain and see what all the buzz is about!

Berry White Overview

Berry White is an indica-dominant hybrid strain bred by crossing Blueberry with White Widow. It was originally cultivated in the early 2000s by a European seed bank.

True to its lineage, Berry White delivers the best aspects of both parent strains. It offers deep relaxation and euphoria from the indica-heavy effects along with the sweet fruity flavors of Blueberry.

The THC content of Berry White typically ranges from 18-27%. This makes it a rather potent strain likely to please both recreational and medical marijuana consumers.

Let’s look closer at the background and origins of this rare hybrid.

Berry White Genetics

By understanding the lineage and genetics behind Berry White, you can better appreciate where its distinctive properties come from.


The legendary Blueberry strain is a 50/50 hybrid with indica-leaning effects. It was bred from strains like Afghani, Thai, and Purple Thai back in the 1970s.

Blueberry imparts its namesake sweet, berry flavor profile and deeply relaxing effects. It’s a longtime favorite thanks to its pleasant high and enjoyable taste.

White Widow

White Widow is a balanced hybrid traced back to South American and South Indian landrace strains. It emerged in the 1990s from Dutch seed banks and quickly spread worldwide.

As a 1990s staple strain, White Widow passed on its frosty white trichomes, white coloring, and energetic, uplifting effects.

By crossing a fruity, sedating indica like Blueberry with the iconic hybrid White Widow, growers were able to create a perfectly balanced strain in Berry White. It offers the best of both worlds in its effects and flavors.

Berry White Effects

Now let’s talk about this strain’s actual effects. As a heavily indica-leaning hybrid, Berry White’s high feels more stoning and relaxing than energetic.

It starts with a euphoric head rush that lifts your mood while relaxing away stress or anxiety. As the high builds, you’ll feel its indica side take over – melting tension from your body and leaving you utterly relaxed and blissful. This makes Berry White ideal for nighttime use before bed.

The combination of mental and physical effects delivers full mind and body relief. Users report it being great for insomnia, chronic pain, and lack of appetite too. Just be ready to feel glued to the couch!

Despite its powerful sedative properties though, Berry White shouldn’t make you feel too sleepy or foggy. It allows you to remain clear headed enough for some conversation or having a good time with friends. Just don’t expect to get any work done after indulging!

Overall the Berry White high is described as:

  • Relaxing
  • Euphoric
  • Uplifted
  • Happy
  • Hungry
  • Sleepy

This well-rounded experience makes Berry White a great option any time you need major relaxation without total sedation.

Berry White Flavors

In addition to its pleasant effects, Berry White also shines in the flavor department. As you can probably guess from the name, it tastes like sweet mixed berries!

The most noticeable flavors are blueberry and raspberry, with additional grape and even floral notes. It smells just as nice, with a candied berry and sour citrus scent.

When smoking Berry White, you’ll be delighted by the tart, fresh berry flavors on the inhale transitioning into light floral notes on the exhale. It’s like inhaling a freshly picked mixed berry bouquet – absolutely delicious!

The flavor makes Berry White a true treat for the senses beyond just the lovely high it provides. If you appreciate tasty strains as much as potent ones, Berry White should definitely be on your radar.

Berry White Medical Benefits

In addition to recreational use, Berry White is also popular in the medical marijuana community. Its powerful effects seem to lend well to relieving many physical and mental health conditions.

Here are the top medical uses for Berry White:


The heavily sedating and relaxing effects of this strain promote deep, restful sleep.

Chronic Pain

Berry White alleviates pain, aches, and discomfort throughout the entire body.


The euphoric uplifted feelings help temporarily relieve PTSD symptoms like panic and anxiety.


By lifting mood and promoting positivity, this strain can ease depressive thoughts.

Lack of Appetite

Berry White triggers hunger and stimulates appetite when you need help eating.

Muscle Spasms

The full-body effects relax muscles to provide relief from cramps and spasms.

For these reasons, Berry White has become a go-to strain recommendation from budtenders for medical marijuana patients. It seems to cover both physical and mental symptoms quite well.

Always defer to the guidance of your doctor when using cannabis medically. But if approved, Berry White is worth considering for natural relief.

Berry White Drawbacks

Despite its many positives though, Berry White isn’t without some potential drawbacks to consider as well. These include:

  • Paranoia or anxiety – Some users report increased anxiety, paranoid thoughts, or restlessness in higher doses. Going slow with dosage is advised.
  • Dry eyes and mouth – Like most strains, Berry White can cause temporary dry/red eyes and cottonmouth. Stay hydrated to counteract.
  • Drowsiness – The strong indica effects make this a very sedating strain. Using it during the day may impair productivity.
  • Inexperience with cannabis – First time or low-tolerance users may feel overwhelmed by the potent effects.
  • Availability – As a rare strain, Berry White can be difficult for some to obtain depending on location.

Provided these factors are properly managed, most consumers find the Berry White high to be an unparalleled euphoric experience. But it’s always smart to assess your individual circumstances when trying new strains.

Berry White Growing Info

If you’re interested in cultivating Berry White plants yourself, here is some key info to know:

  • Difficulty growing – Moderate, benefits from some prior grow experience
  • Yield – Above average, expect around 14 to 16 ounces per 3×3 ft. plant
  • Flowering period – 8 to 9 weeks typically
  • Climate – Prefers a warm, sunny, Mediterranean climate
  • Indoors/outdoors – Grows well in both controlled indoor and outdoor settings
  • Stature – Berry White grows fairly short and bushy compared to other strains

Successful Berry White grows require proper care and conditions to coax out its signature flavors and high THC content. Proper drying and curing of the buds is also essential post-harvest to preserve terpenes.

Growing your own Berry White can be rewarding for both personal use and small-scale sales. But it does require an investment in time, effort, and equipment to cultivate properly.

Finding Berry White Strains Near You

Because it remains a somewhat rare strain, Berry White may not be available at every dispensary. Here are some tips for tracking it down in your area:

  • Search dispensary websites – Check their strain menus and availability online first before visiting stores.
  • Visit specialty cannabis shops – Boutique dispensaries will have wider selections than general ones.
  • Ask budtenders – Tell them you’re looking for Berry White specifically and ask if they have or know where to find it.
  • Check strain review sites – Weedmaps, Leafly, and others list dispensaries carrying specific strains.
  • Connect with local growers – Those growing Berry White small-batch may offer deals to local loyal customers.
  • Purchase seeds to grow yourself – Seeds allow you to cultivate your own Berry White plants at home.

With persistence and searching multiple sources, you should be able to secure your hands on the elusive Berry White strain if it’s available in your state. Once you sample its effects yourself, you’ll likely want to grab more!

Berry White Strains Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what real cannabis consumers report about their experiences with Berry White marijuana strain:

“Berry White immediately eased my tense muscles while putting me in the best mood! It tastes so sweet yet earthy too. The high is floaty and energetic before settling into full body relaxation. My new favorite nighttime strain for sure.”

“I struggle with insomnia often and have trouble getting quality rest. Berry White knocks me out into deep comfortable sleep all night long! It’s so nice to wake up feeling actually refreshed. The fruity taste is just icing on the cake.”

“As far as relieving chronic back pain, Berry White is by far the most effective strain I’ve found yet. And it delivers such an incredible mood boost too. I see why people rave about it so much now that I’ve tried it myself.”

“I bought Berry White purely for its gorgeous appearance and sweet berry scent. But its effects totally exceeded my expectations! A euphoric dreamy high that relieved my anxiety and put me in a blissful state. This is a special strain for sure.”

“Berry White immediately stimulated my appetite and made food taste amazing! It’s awesome for conditions that suppress hunger and nutrition. And the deep body buzz helped my joint pain too. Will definitely keep this strain in my rotation now.”

Clearly the reviewers agree this is an outstanding strain all around. The berry flavors, potent high, and medical benefits make Berry White a top-shelf choice worthy of its stellar reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about the Berry White weed strain:

Does Berry White smell like berries?

Yes, it has a distinct fresh mixed berry aroma along with hints of sour citrus.

Is Berry White an indica or sativa?

It’s an indica-dominant hybrid, with about 70% indica and 30% sativa genetics.

Where did Berry White originate?

It was first bred by a European seed bank in the early 2000s. The exact breeder is unknown.

What colors does Berry White buds have?

They are typically light green with reddish purple accents and milky white trichomes.

What terpenes are in Berry White?

Myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene, linalool, and pinene give it a berry, citrus, and piney profile.

How much THC is in Berry White?

It averages around 18-27% THC content. Berry White is a rather high potency strain.

How long do Berry White effects last?

The euphoric high lasts around 2 to 3 hours before fading. Sedating effects can linger longer.

Does Berry White help with anxiety?

For some it may increase anxiety due to its potency. But for most it reduces anxiety and mental stress.

Can you function and work while high on Berry White?

No, it will leave you too mentally foggy and physically lazy to be productive.

Does Berry White make your eyes red?

Yes, bloodshot eyes are commonly reported along with dry mouth cottonmouth as side effects.

Experience the Unique Berry White Strain

The rare and special Berry White strain stands out from the crowded cannabis scene for its balanced indica/sativa effects and incredibly delicious berry flavors. Both recreational and medical marijuana consumers have fallen in love with this hard-to-find hybrid.

We hope this complete guide has provided you with all the background info needed to track down Berry White at a dispensary or strain store near you. Once you sample the euphoric high and sweet flavors yourself, you’ll gain an appreciation for why it’s so beloved in the cannabis community!

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