Orange Cookies Strain

Orange Cookies Strain is a hybrid cannabis strain with a sweet citrus flavor. It is known for its relaxing and uplifting effects.

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Orange Cookies Strain is a highly sought-after hybrid strain that has been appreciated for its unique combination of flavor, aroma, and effects. This review will explore various aspects of this strain, including its origins, appearance, and medical uses. Furthermore, the strain’s price and related strains will be compared, and frequently asked questions answered. By the end of this review, readers should have a comprehensive understanding of Orange Cookies Strain.

Orange Cookies Strain for Sale

Various quality options can be found for purchasing Orange Cookies Strain on The site offers different quantities, from small packages to bulk orders, ensuring customers can find the perfect amount to suit their needs.

Orange Cookies Strain Grow Information

Orange Cookies strain is best grown indoors in controlled environments, with some growers opting for hydroponic setups. It can be harvested after 8-9 weeks of flowering, yielding up to 16 ounces per square meter. Outdoors, harvest time should occur late in the season when temperatures drop, and humidity is low. This strain requires regular pruning and trimming to ensure optimal growth.

Orange Cookies strain is an evenly balanced, 50/50 hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and California Orange. It has a delicious flavor profile of sweet citrusy oranges and an earthy GSC taste. The buds are long and dense, covered in orange hairs and frosted trichomes. Its effects are uplifting yet relaxing, making it an excellent choice for daytime smoking or socializing.


The aroma of Orange Cookies Strain is known for being sweet and citrusy, with a pleasant mix of fresh oranges and earthy undertones. This scent is inviting and has a therapeutic effect on the senses.


The flavor profile of Orange Cookies Strain is quite similar to its aroma, offering a delicious blend of tangy orange and sweet, earthy notes. This combination creates a delightful and mouthwatering taste that lingers on the palate long after consumption.


The appearance of the Orange Cookies Strain is characterized by its dense, medium-sized buds, covered in a layer of frosty trichomes. These buds exhibit a striking array of colors, from deep green to bright orange and purple hues, which make this strain visually appealing.

Orange Cookies Strain Price Compared

When comparing the prices of Orange Cookies Strain to other strains available on, it can be observed that the pricing is competitive and reasonable. The site offers a variety of options and deals to cater to different budgets and preferences.

Medical Uses of Orange Cookies Strain

Orange Cookies Strain is particularly useful for patients seeking relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and stress. Additionally, it has been noted that this strain may benefit those suffering from insomnia, depression, and lack of appetite.

Effects of Orange Cookies Strain

Like any other cannabis strain, Orange Cookies does have positive and negative effects which may vary per consumer.

Positive Effects

Some positive effects of Orange Cookies Strain include relaxation, happiness, and euphoria. This strain has induced a sense of creativity and focus, making it a popular choice for users looking to unwind and destress.

Side Effects

As with any cannabis strain, there are some potential side effects to be aware of. Common side effects of Orange Cookies Strain may include dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness. Users must start with a small dose and gradually increase consumption to minimize these side effects.

Orange Cookies Strain Related Strains

Some related strains to Orange Cookies Strain include its parent strains, Orange Juice and Girl Scout Cookies. Other strains with similar flavor profiles and effects include TangieMimosa, and Sundae Driver.

FAQ about Orange Cookies Strain

a. What is the THC % in the strain? 

The THC percentage in Orange Cookies Strain can range between 18-24%.

b. What is the CBD % in the strain? 

The CBD content in Orange Cookies Strain is relatively low, at around 0.5%.

c. Can I buy the strain in bulk? 

Yes, bulk purchases of Orange Cookies Strain are available on, with options for various needs and preferences.

d. What are the benefits of the strain? 

Orange Cookies Strain offers a range of benefits, including relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and stress. It has also been found to help with insomnia, depression, and lack of appetite.


In summary, Orange Cookies Strain is a unique and enjoyable hybrid strain that boasts a flavorful and aromatic profile alongside a range of positive effects and medical benefits. With its reasonable price point and the availability of bulk purchasing options on, this strain is a popular choice for both recreational and medicinal cannabis users.

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Orange Cookies Strain
Orange Cookies Strain