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Choices Carts

Choices Carts are a brand of THC vape cartridges that offer a variety of strains and flavors to suit different preferences and needs. They are made with high-quality cannabis oil and natural terpenes, and they come in 1 gram and 0.5-gram sizes.

Key Points about Choices Carts

– Choices Carts are a popular brand of cannabis oil vape cartridges known for their high quality and potent effects.

– They use premium grade THC distillate oil and natural terpenes for rich flavor and aroma.

– Choices Carts come in a variety of strain-specific flavors as well as CBD and 1:1 THC:CBD options.

– They offer disposable vape pens as well as cartridges compatible with 510-thread batteries.

– Choices Carts are lab-tested for purity and potency. Test results can be accessed via QR codes on the packaging.

– These cartridges provide an exceptionally smooth and flavorful vaping experience.

– Choices Carts can be purchased from licensed cannabis retailers in legal states like California, through delivery services, or online dispensaries.

What Are Choices Carts?

Choices Carts are a premium brand of cannabis oil vape cartridges that deliver a potent dose of THC along with rich terpene flavor in every puff.

They are manufactured by Global Widget, a licensed producer and distributor of hemp-derived CBD products. For their Choices line, Global Widget partners with state-licensed cannabis cultivators and extraction facilities in California to create high-quality THC oil cartridges from legal marijuana.

Choices Carts feature distillate oil that has been stripped of impurities through fractional distillation. This THC concentrate is then infused with cannabis-derived terpenes to achieve strain-specific flavors that mimic popular marijuana strains.

These cartridges are designed for use with standard 510-thread vape pen batteries. They come in 0.5 ml and 1 ml sizes. Customers can choose between disposable all-in-one vape pens or cartridges to pair with their preferred battery.

Product Lineup

Choices Carts offer an array of options to suit different user preferences:

Strain Series

The Strain Series cartridges aim to recreate the flavor profiles of popular marijuana strains using specific terpene blends. They contain 90-95% THC distillate oil along with 3-5% terpenes.

Some of the strain flavors include:

  • Strawberry Cough
  • Granddaddy Purple
  • Skywalker OG
  • Wedding Cake
  • Gorilla Glue #4
  • Green Crack

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid

For those who prefer a more general high, Choices has Indica, Sativa and Hybrid cartridges without specific strain flavors. The terpene blends are formulated for each effect:

  • Indica – Relaxing body high perfect for pain relief or sleep
  • Sativa – Uplifting, energizing cerebral effects ideal for daytime use
  • Hybrid – A balanced combo of physical and mental effects

CBD and 1:1 THC:CBD

For non-intoxicating or lightly intoxicating options, Choices offers:

  • CBD – Contains pure hemp-derived CBD distillate with no THC
  • 1:1 – A mix of 50% THC distillate and 50% CBD distillate

The 1:1 formula allows you to get the medical benefits of CBD along with a mild high from the THC content.

Disposables vs. Cartridges

Choices Carts come in two different forms:

  • Disposable vape pens – These are all-in-one devices with a preloaded cartridge attached to an integrated battery. These offer convenience and simplicity.
  • Cartridges – These separate carts are designed to pair with your own reusable 510-thread vape battery. This option allows more customization and control.
Feature Disposable Vape Pen Cartridge
Convenience Excellent Requires separate battery
Customization Limited Works with any 510 battery
Cost Lower upfront Battery is a separate cost
Waste Less green Battery is reusable

Both disposable and cartridge options provide the superior performance Choices Carts are known for. It just depends whether you value convenience or customization more.

Benefits and Features of Choices Cartridge

What sets Choices Carts apart from other THC oil vape cartridges on the market? Here are some key benefits users can expect:


Choices Carts contain up to 95% THC distillate oil, making them exceptionally potent and hard hitting. Even veteran cannabis consumers will be impressed with the effects from these carts.

Lab test results showing 75-95% THC are provided via QR code for each individual batch. You can easily verify the potency before purchasing.


The THC oil in Choices Carts goes through a fractional distillation process that removes impurities, resulting in a clean and smooth smoking experience.

Choices Carts are also free of additives like propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and vitamin E acetate that can produce toxins when vaped.


Thanks to cannabis-derived terpenes, Choices Carts produce deliciously rich and complex flavors that taste just like the strains they are modeled after.

The natural terpenes also provide therapeutic effects and influence the type of high felt.

Smooth Hits

The pure distillate oil and terpenes create a very smooth draw that won’t make you cough on big rips. Users love the clean airflow and lack of harshness.


From energizing sativa effects to heavy-bodied indica relaxation, Choices Carts deliver prominent THC effects within just a few puffs.

The strain options allow you to pick cartridges aligned with the exact effects you want.

Lab Results

Each batch of Choices Carts comes with lab results indicating the potency, cannabinoid profile, and safety of the contents.

A QR code on the packaging links to the test results for that specific batch number so you can confirm purity before use.

Battery Life

The disposable Choices pens last for 300-400 puffs per charge while still delivering consistent hits from the first to the last draw.

For cartridges, battery life will depend on your device. But the carts are optimized for longevity.

How to Use Choices Carts

Using Choices Carts is quick and easy whether you opt for a disposable pen or cartridge.

For disposables:

  • Remove the plastic wrap from the pen.
  • Pull off the rubber mouthpiece to expose the cartridge inside.
  • Replace the mouthpiece and turn the device on by clicking the button 5 times.
  • Hold the button down while inhaling slowly to produce vapor.
  • Enjoy your draw and relax!

For cartridges:

  • Screw the cartridge onto your compatible 510-thread battery.
  • Click the battery button 3-5 times to turn it on and start heating the cart.
  • Inhale steadily while holding down the battery button to produce thick vapor.
  • Take 1-2 second draws and wait 5 minutes between puffs to achieve desired effects.

Pro Tips:

  • Start with small puffs to gauge potency, especially if you have a low THC tolerance.
  • Keep the pen upright when hitting it to prevent leaking.
  • Let the oil wick fully saturate before first use for best performance.
  • Charge the battery fully between uses and clean the connections regularly.

What Strains to Choose?

With so many strain options, it can be tough deciding what Choices Carts to pick up. Here are some of the most popular flavors:


  • Sour Diesel – An invigorating burst of energy with a fuel-like aroma.
  • Jack Herer – Uplifting and motivating effects perfect for daytime productivity.
  • Durban Poison – A clear-headed high ideal for beating fatigue and mood enhancement.


  • Granddaddy Purple – A heavy body sensation that eases pain and muscles while lulling you to sleep.
  • Skywalker OG – A strong tranquilizing body buzz that crushes stress and anxiety.
  • Northern Lights – Relaxing waves of euphoria that lead to deep, restorative sleep.


  • Pineapple Express – A happy balance of head and body effects with a tropical pineapple flavor.
  • Wedding Cake – A creamy, sweet cross that provides a dreamy, mellow high.
  • Mimosa – An energetic head high paired with mild body relaxation for a social buzz.

No matter what effects you seek, there is a perfect Choices Cart to match. Try out a few to discover your favorites!

Where to Buy Choices Carts

Since Choices Carts contain THC extracted from legal cannabis, they are only available for purchase in states that have legalized marijuana for recreational or medical use.

Some of the best places to buy Choices Carts include:

Cannabis Dispensaries

Walk into any licensed recreational dispensary in California and you’re likely to find Choices Carts in stock. Local cannabis shops that carry a wide selection of vape cartridges usually have Choices brand products. You can pick up single cartridges or disposable pens and enjoy one-stop shopping convenience.

Delivery Services

In major metro areas like Los Angeles and the Bay Area, cannabis delivery services often include Choices Carts on their menus. Shop online and get your cartridges discreetly shipped to your door in just a few hours.

Online Dispensaries

For access to Choices Carts outside of California, reputable online dispensaries allow you to browse and order products for delivery through the mail. Just make sure any website you order from is properly licensed and compliant with state laws around cannabis ecommerce.

No matter where you obtain them, only purchase Choices cartridges from legal, regulated sources. Unlicensed dealers may sell counterfeit products that could be unsafe. The QR code lab testing and child-proof packaging can help verify authenticity.

Are Choices Carts Safe and Legit?

When consuming any cannabis product, safety should be a top concern. Here is a look at how Choices Carts stack up:

  • Licensed Producer – Choices Carts are made by Global Widget, a company that holds licenses for legal hemp and cannabis production and distribution.
  • Lab Testing – Each batch is tested for cannabinoid content, heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants by an ISO-certified third-party lab.
  • No Additives – Choices Carts contain only cannabis oil and terpenes. No dangerous fillers like vitamin E oil or propylene glycol.
  • Child Resistant Packaging – The carts come in opaque boxes that are difficult for children to open yet easy for adults.
  • Official Website – Global Widget has a real website where you can access documentation, lab reports, licensing, and customer service.

So based on these factors, Choices Carts do seem to be a legitimate and safe product that abides by regulations. While no vape product is 100% risk-free, Choices takes key steps to ensure quality and safety.

Common Questions About Choices Carts

Do Choices Carts have pesticides?

Choices uses lab testing to screen cartridges for pesticides and herbicide residues. Tests show they are free of dangerous chemicals and safe for consumption.

How long does a Choices Cart last?

On average, disposable Choices pens provide 300-400 puffs per full charge. Cartridges for reusable batteries last around 300 puffs. Potency and frequency of use impact how long they last.

Do Choices Carts smell?

The carts and packaging are designed to minimize odor. However, some light cannabis scent may be detectable when vapor is exhaled or the cartridge is open.

Can you refill Choices Carts?

No, Choices Carts are designed for single use and cannot be refilled. Trying to open the cartridge to refill it could damage the heating element and electronics.

Do Choices Carts have vitamin E?

No. Choices Carts contain only THC oil and all-natural cannabis terpenes. No dangerous additives like vitamin E acetate are used.

Enjoy the Ultimate Vaping Experience with Choices Carts

Choices Carts offer cannabis lovers an exceptional vaping experience with every puff. If you want powerful THC effects alongside delicious terpene flavors, these premium cartridges are the perfect choice.

With options catering to any preference – from energizing sativa to sedating indica and everything in between – you can curate the perfect stash of Choices Carts to suit each mood or occasion. They provide discreet and convenient enjoyment wherever vaping is permitted.

So, take your pick from Choices’ outstanding selection of strains and start enjoying the smooth, flavorful pulls of THC goodness. Your vaporizer will thank you!