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Rove Carts

In the world of THC oil vape cartridges, Rove stands out as a premium brand that lives up to its reputation. Their cannabis oil cartridges feature high-quality concentrates and cutting-edge hardware to deliver smooth, flavorful hits.

Key Points about Rove Carts

– Rove cartridges feature premium THC oil and cutting-edge hardware for smooth hits.

– They offer a wide variety of strain-specific carts in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica.

– Rove uses only top-shelf cannabis concentrates and terpenes in their oil.

– Their carts have no fillers, additives or artificial flavors/colors.

– Rove conducts extensive safety testing for heavy metals and pesticides.

– Their hardware delivers consistent dosing and optimal oil vaporization.

– Rove carts can be purchased from licensed dispensaries in CA, NV, AZ and OK.

– Users report great flavors, smooth hits and strong but balanced effects.

– They are slightly pricier than average, but deliver premium quality.

Rove carts
contain only all-natural cannabis extracts and strain specific terpenes that capture the distinctive flavors and effects of the plant. They use absolutely no fillers, additives or artificial ingredients.

This article provides an in-depth guide to Rove cartridges including their oil quality, hardware tech, testing standards, available strains, where to buy them legally, and customer reviews. Let’s explore why Rove has earned its status as a top shelf THC cartridge.

An Overview of Rove Cartridges

Rove cartridges are manufactured by Rove Brands, one of the leading cannabis companies in California. They focus exclusively on vape cartridges with premium quality oil and innovative delivery systems.

Some key facts about Rove carts:

  • Founded in 2017 in California.
  • Extracts made from top-shelf California cannabis.
  • Strains available in Sativa, Hybrid, Indica and CBD.
  • Terpene-rich oil with cannabis-derived flavors.
  • Testing for contaminants and potency.
  • Hardware designed for optimal vaporization.
  • Available in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma.

Rove built their brand around purity, potency, and technology. Their oil showcases the natural flavors of cannabis while their hardware delivers optimized heating and dosage control.

By focusing solely on cartridges instead of other products, Rove has been able to excel in both oil production and delivery systems.

Next let’s look at why Rove oil stands out from the competition.

Rove Oil – The Pure Essence of Cannabis

The foundation of any vape cartridge is the cannabis oil inside. This determines the flavor, smoothness, and effects of the vapor.

Rove has mastered the art of cannabis extraction and terpene isolation to create oil that captures the true essence of the plant.

Here are the key features that set Rove oil apart:

Pure CO2 Extraction

Rove uses clean, pure CO2 to extract THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids from top-shelf California bud. This method preserves the plant’s naturally occurring terpenes.

CO2 extraction results in pure, unadulterated cannabis oil. It requires extensive expertise and expensive equipment, but Rove prioritizes quality over profits.

Strain-Specific Terpene Blends

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds in cannabis that create distinctive flavors and effects in each strain.

Rove reintroduces terpenes into their oil to recreate the natural taste and experience of each strain. This is called a strain-specific or cannabis-derived terpene profile.

For example, their Blue Dream cartridge contains the same mix of myrcene, pinene, and other terpenes present in the Blue Dream strain.

No Artificial Ingredients

Many cartridges contain artificial flavors, thickeners, and other additives. Not Rove.

Their oil contains only all-natural cannabis extracts and terpenes. No propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, medium chain triglycerides (MCT), vitamin E acetate, or other fillers are used.

This gives you the true flavor of the plant, not some artificial imitation.

Broad Cannabinoid Spectrum

In addition to THC and CBD, cannabis contains over 100 other minor cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, and CBC.

These compounds work synergistically to create the entourage effect, enhancing therapeutic benefits.

Rove oil retains a wide spectrum of cannabinoids to take advantage of this entourage effect.

Diverse Range of Strains

Rove offers an array of strains across the major types – Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica.

Popular picks include Gorilla Glue, Green Crack, Tangie, Skywalker, Gelato, Sour Diesel, and many more.

They also have a CBD blend with a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio, great for medical patients who need only minimal psychoactivity.

High Potency Options

In addition to their regular carts, Rove offers Reserve and Featured Farms cartridges with extra strength oil:

  • Reserve – Up to 94% THC
  • Featured Farms – Up to 90% THC

These super-potent oils let you access intense effects not found in average carts. Proceed with caution!

With top-notch oil packed with terpenes and cannabinoids, Rove delivers the full cannabis experience in vapor form. Next let’s explore their cutting-edge hardware.

State-of-the-Art Rove Hardware

To complement their premium oil, Rove developed an advanced cartridge system designed for smooth, consistent hits.

Some technical features of Rove hardware:

  • Ceramic core – Provides even heating and absorption.
  • CCELL – Best-in-class power regulation and airflow.
  • Stainless steel – Durable medical-grade construction.
  • Multiple hole size – Optimized diffusion for larger hits.
  • Universal design – Works with any 510-thread battery.

Rove is one of only a few brands licensed to use CCELL vape cartridge technology. CCELL was engineered specifically for thick cannabis oils.

The ceramic heating core evenly distributes heat to avoid burning. It also absorbs oil effectively so nothing is wasted.

The inlet holes are enlarged to allow more vapor to be produced with each inhalation. This results in huge, smooth hits.

Let’s take a closer look at how these hardware features benefit the user experience.

Consistent Heating and Absorption

The ceramic core prevents the oil from overheating on one side of the coil while underheating on the other side. It gently and evenly heats every drop of oil.

Ceramic also absorbs oil better than cotton, silica or other wicking materials. This prevents wastage of precious cannabis extracts.

You get smooth, flavorful hits from the first puff to the last.

Enhanced Airflow

CCELL cartridges have enlarged inlet ports compared to standard vape cartridges. This allows more vapor to be generated with each hit.

The difference in airflow is immediately noticeable. Rove hits are incredibly smooth and generous.

Reliable Dosing

Advanced power regulation ensures the ceramic coil maintains an optimal temperature throughout every hit. This enables consistent dosing with each inhalation.

You don’t have to worry about the heating element getting too hot and degrading the cannabis compounds. Each puff delivers the same effective dose.

Durable Medical-Grade Construction

Rove cartridges are made from stainless steel just like medical devices. This makes them more durable and reliable than plastic carts.

Stainless steel does not degrade over time or leach chemicals into the oil. It’s the ideal material for a long lasting, contaminant-free vape cartridge.

Compatible With Any 510 Battery

Rove carts feature a standard 510 thread to pair with any compatible vape battery on the market. Their site has a handy compatibility checker.

You don’t need to buy a specific proprietary battery to enjoy Rove cartridges. Just attach your favorite variable voltage 510 battery for best performance.

Rove pulls out all the stops on cartridge construction utilizing the most advanced materials and technology. Next let’s take a look at their safety testing processes.

Rigorous Testing and Quality Control

With the vape health crisis in recent years, testing standards have become more important than ever.

Rove maintains strict quality control to verify their oil is free of contaminants and accurately potency labeled.

Rove’s safety testing includes:

  • Screening for heavy metals
  • Checking for pesticides
  • Monitoring residual solvents
  • Confirming cannabinoid content
  • Testing for microbials

They reject upwards of 90% of cannabis samples that don’t meet their stringent standards.

Rove also employs:

  • Process validation
  • Equipment sanitation
  • Employee training
  • Standard operating procedures

These scientific manufacturing controls ensure consistency and repeatability.

You can verify test results for each product via their batch lookup tool.

Rove goes above and beyond state testing regulations to offer the highest level of safety and transparency.

Rove Cartridge Strains, Flavors and Effects

With oil and hardware down, let’s explore the available strain options that allow you to customize your experience.

Rove offers cartridge varieties focused on three major effects:

Sativa carts – Energizing, uplifting, creative

Hybrid carts – Balanced, versatile, everyday

Indica carts – Relaxing, soothing, sleep-inducing

They also offer CBD cartridges for medical patients seeking relief without strong psychoactivity.

Here is a sampling of their most popular strains:

Strain Effect Flavor
Tangie Sativa – Energetic Citrus
Green Crack Sativa – Uplifting Citrus, earthy
Skywalker OG Hybrid – Relaxed Pine, spicy
Gelato Hybrid – Euphoric Sweet, fruity
Granddaddy Purple Indica – Sleepy Berry, grape
Northern Lights Indica – Sedative Pungent, spicy

They offer a wide selection to suit any preference. Check their website to browse available strains.

Now let’s discuss where you can purchase authentic Rove cartridges.

Where to Buy Rove Carts

Rove products are sold exclusively in licensed dispensaries. This allows them to maintain quality control standards.

You can find Rove carts at cannabis shops in:

  • California
  • Nevada
  • Oklahoma
  • Arizona

Rove does NOT allow their cartridges to be sold in unregulated markets or online shops.

To ensure you get an authentic cartridge:

  • Verify your dispensary is licensed
  • Check for the official Rove holographic seal
  • Scan the QR code to validate the cartridge

This keeps counterfeits and black-market products out of circulation.

Search the Rove store locator to find nearby dispensaries that carry their cartridges.

Now let’s see what actual users have to say about their experience with Rove carts.

Rove Cartridge Reviews and User Feedback

Since they hit the market in 2017, Rove cartridges have earned rave reviews for their flavor, effects and overall quality. Here are some real customer testimonials:

“The flavor actually tastes like cannabis instead of fake terpenes. The oil is beautiful and the cart hardware hits like a champ.”

“The Green Crack cartridge really delivered the same focused, energetic high as the flower. Love the authentic strain flavors from the cannabis terpenes.”

“Strongest cart I’ve tried by far. The Skywalker OG Reserve cart is incredibly potent but still super smooth. A little goes a long way!”

“The GranDDaddy Purp cart has been a lifesaver for my insomnia. Puts me into a nice relaxed state perfect for winding down at the end of the day.”

“I don’t normally notice differences between cartridges but Rove is next level. The tangie tastes just like the oranges the strain is named after!”

Customers consistently praise the authentic strain-specific tastes and effects. They also report substantial vapor production and smoothness from the high-tech hardware.

Any negatives about Rove carts mostly come down to their pricing being slightly higher than average. But users say the premium quality and experience are worth the extra investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Rove cartridges safe to use?

Rove cartridges undergo extensive contaminant testing and are produced according to medical-grade standards, making them very safe. However, any THC vape product should be used carefully and in moderation.

Q: How long does a Rove cartridge last?

On average, a half gram Rove cartridge provides around 300 puffs. A full 1-gram cart will last roughly 600 puffs. This can vary based on your consumption rate and the power output of your battery.

Q: Can you refill Rove cartridges?

Rove carts are not designed to be refilled. There is no port and attempting to open them will damage the heating element. They need to be disposed of once emptied. However, empty carts can be recycled.

Q: Why are Rove cartridges more expensive than others?

The higher price of Rove carts reflects the premium quality ingredients and hardware components. From extraction methods to wicking materials, no shortcuts are taken. You get what you pay for.

Q: Do Rove carts have vitamin E oil or other additives?

Rove only uses pure cannabis oil and natural terpenes in their vape cartridges. No vitamin E, MCT, PEG, PG or other cutting agents, thickeners or artificial additives are present.

Comparing Rove Carts to Other Top THC Brands

Rove Stiiizy Select Elite Friendly Farms
Quality Premium Mid-range Premium Premium
Hardware Advanced CCELL Proprietary Standard Standard
Extract Type Refined Live Resin Distillate Live Resin Live Resin
Flavor Strain-specific

Rove Cartridges – Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Rove has established itself as a leader in the cannabis vape cartridge industry. They excel in multiple areas:

  • Ultra-pure extraction – Preserves wide spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • No additives – Only natural cannabis compounds in the oil
  • Diverse strain options – Catering to different needs and preferences
  • Cutting-edge hardware – Optimized for consistent dosing and vapor production
  • Rigorous safety testing – Far surpasses minimum state requirements

While Rove carts fall on the pricier end, they deliver a premium vaping experience unmatched by lower-cost products. If you appreciate high quality, all-natural cannabis concentrates and leading tech hardware, Rove cartridges are a great choice. They offer a smooth, flavorful, potent vaping experience.

Rove has cemented itself as a premier THC oil vape cartridge company in just a few short years. As their selection and availability continues expanding, we can expect Rove to shape the future of cannabis vaping.

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