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Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears is a concentrated, potent cannabis extract oil that has gained popularity for its therapeutic benefits. This golden-hued oil contains very high levels of THC and CBD, amplifying the medicinal effects of the marijuana plant.

Phoenix Tears: Full Comprehensive Guide

Phoenix Tears go by many names—hash oil, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), marijuana oil, cannabis oil, weed oil, among others. But what exactly are Phoenix Tears? How are they made, used, and what are their effects? This complete guide will teach you everything you need to know about this therapeutic cannabis oil.

What Are Phoenix Tears?

Phoenix Tears are a concentrated form of marijuana extract containing very high levels of THC and CBD. They are produced by using solvents like ethanol to strip essential phytochemicals from cannabis plant material.

This process condenses the beneficial compounds in cannabis down into a thick, hash-like oil with incredibly potent therapeutic effects. It is also referred to as hash oil, Rick Simpson oil (RSO), cannabis oil, or weed oil.

Here are the key defining features of Phoenix Tears cannabis oil:

  • Made from marijuana – Phoenix Tears start with dried marijuana plant material, not hemp.
  • Very high potency – They contain up to 90% THC levels for maximum medicinal effects.
  • Whole plant medicine – The oil captures a full spectrum of essential cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Thick, viscous texture – Phoenix Tears are a dense, sticky dark gold oil due to their purity and potency.
  • Concentrated form – Only tiny doses are needed for very strong therapeutic results.

Phoenix Tears were pioneered by Canadian medical marijuana activist Rick Simpson in 2003 while seeking relief for his own medical conditions. Their name references the mythological fiery tears of the phoenix bird having healing powers.

How Are Phoenix Tears Cannabis Oil Made?

There are a few methods for making Phoenix Tears, but the essential process remains the same:

Step 1: Start with High-Quality Cannabis

High-grade marijuana buds with optimal THC/CBD levels are dried and ground into a coarse powder. More trichome-rich trim yields higher potency oil.

Step 2: Perform Extraction using a Solvent

Ethanol is commonly used to strip essential compounds from the plant material through a process called liquid-liquid extraction.

Step 3: Evaporate and Condense

The ethanol solvent is carefully boiled and evaporated away, leaving behind pure thick cannabis resin.

Step 4: Decarboxylate the Oil

Heating the extract activates THC and CBD through a process called decarboxylation.

Step 5: Purge any Remaining Solvent

A vacuum purge removes any last traces of ethanol, ensuring safety and purity.

When created properly using high-quality cannabis and food-grade ethanol, the result is an exceptionally therapeutic, whole plant cannabis oil.

What is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)?

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) refers specifically to Phoenix Tears cannabis oil created using Rick Simpson’s exact method. He published his technique in 2003.

The key characteristics of Rick Simpson Oil:

  • Made from indica marijuana strains
  • Uses ethanol for extraction
  • Contains 90-99% THC for maximum medicinal effects
  • Unrefined and dark in color
  • Often produced at home by patients themselves

So while not all Phoenix Tears are classified as RSO, Rick Simpson Oil is considered a variety of medicinal cannabis oil. His protocols helped popularize Phoenix Tears as medicine.

How Do You Use Phoenix Tears Oil?

There are a few methods for consuming Phoenix Tears cannabis oil:

  • Orally – Eat a small dose of oil straight or infused into food/drinks.
  • Tropical – Massage diluted oil into skin areas needing localized relief.
  • Vaping – Place a tiny amount in a vaporizer and inhale gently.
  • Sublingually – Hold drops under the tongue before swallowing.
  • Rectally – Retain diluted oil rectally to absorb medicine into the bloodstream.
  • Transdermally – Apply to strategic points along the spine or feet for whole body effects.

Due to the extremely high potency, only minuscule amounts are needed to provide intense therapeutic benefits. Start with rice-sized doses of 0.1-0.5mL.

Always use proper safety precautions and work with a cannabis healthcare provider to find your optimal Phoenix Tears dosage.

What Are the Benefits and Effects of Phoenix Tears?

Phoenix Tears offer an array of powerful medicinal effects by harnessing all the therapeutic elements within the marijuana plant:

Pain Relief

Phoenix Tears provide exceptionally effective painkilling thanks to ultra-high THC levels. Cannabinoids like THC bind to receptors throughout the body to block pain signals. This brings fast relief for conditions like:

  • Arthritis
  • Neuropathy
  • Cancer
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Migraines
  • Injuries
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Back pain


The natural anti-inflammatory properties in cannabis compounds calm swelling and inflammation at the source. Phoenix Tears applied topically can reduce visible skin inflammation too.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Cannabinoids and terpenes found in Phoenix Tears has a calming effect on the body and mind. It relieves stress, anxiety, PTSD, and depression symptoms.

Improved Sleep

Phoenix Tears containing THC induces restful sleep, allowing the body to get much-needed recuperation. Sedative terpenes like myrcene add to these sleepy effects.

Appetite Stimulation

THC triggers release of the hormone ghrelin, which signals hunger. Phoenix Tears taken in small doses before meals counteracts appetite loss from medical treatments.

Anti-Cancer Potential

Multiple scientific studies have confirmed particular cannabis compounds have anti-tumor effects for certain cancers. Phoenix Tears may help combat cancer cells and relieve chemo side effects.


Cannabinoids found in Phoenix Tears may help maintain and repair brain cells, improving symptoms of conditions like Alzheimer’s, PTSD, and multiple sclerosis.

Of course, experiences vary by individual body chemistry. Work closely with a doctor specialized in cannabis medicine to monitor your symptoms and responses to determine an optimal Phoenix Tears regimen for your needs.

The legality of Phoenix Tears depends on marijuana laws in your specific state. Currently 37 states plus Washington D.C. have legalized medical marijuana, while 18 states allow recreational use by adults.

In states where medical and/or recreational cannabis is legal, Phoenix Tears can be purchased from licensed dispensaries with a medical marijuana card or ID proving you are over 21.

Some states also permit home cultivation and DIY production of Phoenix Tears for personal medical use by approved patients. Always check your state and local laws.

However, under U.S. federal law, cannabis remains illegal as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, regardless of conflicting state laws. Interstate transport and international shipping of Phoenix Tears violates federal laws against trafficking controlled substances.

For medical use, work with a qualified cannabis doctor to obtain a medical marijuana license if required in your jurisdiction. This will provide legal access to purchase Phoenix Tears from a licensed dispensary.

How to Choose the Best Phoenix Tears Oil

If you have access to quality-tested medical or recreational cannabis dispensaries, use these tips for selecting top-grade Phoenix Tears:

  • Ask about the origin of the marijuana plants used to make the oil. Domestic is recommended for regulatory assurance.
  • Verify the THC and CBD percentages through updated 3rd party lab test results. Medical patients may want a balanced THC/CBD ratio for maximum therapeutic benefits.
  • Check that ethanol was used for safe, gentle extraction. Avoid chemical solvents like butane or hexane.
  • Review the licensed dispensary credentials thoroughly before purchasing. Reputable dispensaries take care to produce high purity, safe products in compliance with all state-specific regulations.
  • Look for other key cannabinoids and terpenes beyond just THC and CBD to harness the entourage effect.
  • Consider the price per milligram (mg) of THC/CBD to compare value across different Phoenix Tears products.
  • Opt for indica strains to maximize body-focused medicinal properties.

Doing research upfront ensures you get the highest quality Phoenix Tears to provide optimal therapeutic benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Phoenix Tears

How is Phoenix Tears cannabis oil different from CBD oil?

Phoenix Tears start with marijuana plants, not hemp, and contain high levels of THC. CBD oil comes from industrial hemp and contains mostly CBD with little to no THC.

What are the side effects of Phoenix Tears oil?

Common side effects can include dry mouth, impaired coordination, paranoia, sleepiness, and anxiety. Phoenix Tears are very potent so side effects hit harder. Start with low doses.

Can you vape or smoke Phoenix Tears oil?

Smoking Phoenix Tears is not recommended, but you can put a tiny amount in a weed vaporizer. Be extremely careful when vaporizing to avoid overdosing on THC.

How long do Phoenix Tears effects last?

Effects can start within 30-90 minutes of dosing and last for 4-10 hours depending on your body chemistry and amount consumed.

Can Phoenix Tears show up on a drug test?

Yes, Phoenix Tears contain THC that drug tests detect. Avoid use if you are subject to marijuana drug screening for work, custody, or probation reasons.

What types of pain and conditions do Phoenix Tears help treat?

Phoenix Tears may relieve pain and symptoms of conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, IBS, PTSD, cancers, glaucoma, neuropathy, Crohn’s and more.

How long does an ounce of Phoenix Tears last?

With the recommended micro-dosing, one ounce can last 6 months or longer. Stored properly in an airtight, dark container, Phoenix Tears maintain potency for 1-2 years.

Why are Phoenix Tears oil and Rick Simpson oil dark in color?

Minimal refinement preserves the dark color of natural cannabis chlorophylls and plant compounds. Unfiltered Phoenix Tears retain their rich green-brown rather than being distilled into a pale amber color.

What’s better for cancer – Phoenix Tears or chemotherapy?

Phoenix Tears should be viewed as a supplemental treatment to enhance quality of life. Patients are still advised to undergo medically prescribed cancer treatments and monitor progress closely with their oncologist.

User Reviews of Phoenix Tears Experiences

Thousands of patients find immense relief using Phoenix Tears. Here are first-hand testimonies of their experiences*:

“I have awful arthritis pain and swelling in my hands that no prescription meds helped. With a tiny amount of Phoenix Tears oil rubbed on my hands at night, the pain and inflammation are like 90% gone in the morning!” Brittany, Age 52

“Phoenix Tears have been an absolute life-changer for my migraines. Just a rice-sized dose under the tongue knocks out a migraine for me without any side effects. I’m so grateful to have found something natural that works for me.” Leanne, Age 44

“My father had severe Parkinson’s tremor and anxiety. Phoenix Tears improved his tremors so much that people can’t even tell he has Parkinson’s now. It also helped his anxiety tremendously.” Mark, Age 31

“I use Phoenix Tears to improve my sleep quality and it makes a huge difference. Just a tiny bit gives me super restful sleep. I wish I had discovered it sooner for insomnia relief!” Jasmine, Age 27

“Phoenix Tears have helped me get off of Xanax and Ambien completely. My PTSD-related anxiety is more manageable with cannabis oil than addictive pills.” Lucas, Age 62

With proper education on dosing and personal monitoring of results, Phoenix Tears offer hope for those suffering from chronic conditions looking for natural relief without intoxicating effects.

The Bottom Line on Phoenix Tears Oil

For those who qualify for legal medical or recreational marijuana, Phoenix Tears provide an all-natural healing medicine with potent therapeutic benefits. When created properly and dosed responsibly, Phoenix Tears harness the medicinal power of the cannabis plant to provide reliable relief.

Work closely with a knowledgeable doctor to determine if Phoenix Tears could be beneficial for your symptoms and health goals. Monitor your condition closely and document your results. Together you can develop an optimal treatment regimen to start experiencing the healing Phoenix.