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Cool Bongs

Bongs, also known as water pipes, are one of the most popular ways to smoke dry herbs and concentrates. But not all bongs are created equal. Cool and unique bongs deliver smooth hits and provide an elevated smoking experience.

Cool Bongs: How to Find and Use Amazing Water Pipes

This comprehensive guide will teach you everything about cool bongs – from different types and percolators to tips for picking and using cool water pipes. By the end, you’ll know exactly what makes a bong cool and where to find the best ones. So let’s dive in!

What Makes a Bong Cool? 7 Key Factors

When browsing water pipes, certain qualities set spectacular, cool bongs apart. Here are the top 7 characteristics of awesome bongs:

  • Unique Style: Eye-catching colors, shapes, and artistic designs give bongs visual appeal. Cool pipes stand out.
  • Premium Materials: Top-shelf bongs utilize quality borosilicate glass, stainless steel, or ceramic. Cheap plastic bongs can’t compare.
  • Ideal Size: Not too big or small. Cool bongs have a size and shape facilitating easy hitting and cleaning.
  • Filtration: Multiple percolators and innovative filtration provide smooth, cool vapor.
  • Brand Reputation: Trusted brands specializing in cool, artistic water pipes mean higher quality.
  • Added Features: Things like ice pinches, splash guards, and ash catchers enhance functionality.
  • Overall Quality: From durability to airflow – all components of excellent bongs are high-end.

Bongs hitting all marks across these 7 factors will provide phenomenal smoking experiences session after session. Now let’s explore types and percolators to help identify cool pipes.

Types of Cool Bongs and Water Pipes

While simple beaker bongs remain popular, advancements in glass artistry have given rise to exciting modern bong styles. Here are some of the coolest bong types to consider:

Beaker Bongs

  • Classic straight tube design
  • Cylindrical base with flared mouthpiece
  • Often include ice pinch and diffused downstem
  • One of the most stable and durable styles
  • Provides large, smooth rips when designed well
Pros Cons
Classic style Fairly simple
Stable base Not much filtration
Large rips Prone to breaking

Round Base Bongs

  • Spherical or orb-shaped chamber as base
  • Cylindrical neck and mouthpiece
  • Flashy appearance stands out
  • Provides smooth, isolated chamber filtration
  • Ideal for home use given round base
Pros Cons
Artistic style Easily tips over
Great filtration Breakage risk
Smooth hits Not travel-friendly

Sidecar Bongs

  • Small chamber attached on side of main body
  • Functions like a built-in ash catcher
  • Artistic and visually appealing
  • Provides additional water filtration
  • More resistant to breaking than multi-chamber
Pros Cons
Unique aesthetic Complex design
Enhanced filtration Harder to clean
Smoother hits Pricier than beakers

Multi-Chamber Bongs

  • Multiple connected chambers/tubes
  • Each chamber provides isolated filtration
  • Intricate Artistic styles like swiss/gridded percs
  • Require more maintenance given complexity
  • Provide extremely smooth, filtered hits
Pros Cons
Killer filtration Fragile
Ultra smooth hits Hard to clean
Visually stunning High cost

As you can see, each style has pros and cons. But multi-chambers, sidecars and round bases tend to provide the smoothest rips. Now let’s explore percolators more.

Different Types of Percolators and Diffusers

Percolators, or percs, are diffusers inside bongs that filter and diffuse smoke before inhaling. More percs mean smoother hits. Here are some of the coolest percolator styles:

Tree Percolator

  • Stande glass tubing resembling tree branches
  • Provides maximal diffusion via huge surface area
  • Airy, smooth draws with potent filtration
  • Works best when paired with ice catch

Showerhead Percolator

  • Cluster of small holes like a shower head
  • Water flows through the holes as you inhale
  • Provides smooth filtration and easy pull
  • One of the most popular modern percs

Honeycomb Percolator

  • Stacked discs with small perforated holes
  • Gives hits a bubbling “honeycomb” effect
  • Provides smooth yet potent diffusion
  • Works great for low/medium-sized bongs

Inline Percolator

  • Multiple slits cut along the main body
  • Enhances airflow and filtration
  • Types include stereo matrix, fritted disc, and slotted inline percs
  • Offer both diffusion and easy pull

UFO Percolator

  • One of the most complex perc styles
  • Water flows through spinning center disc and top dome
  • Creates a vortex and double filtration
  • Delivers incredibly smooth, cool hits

Advanced percolators like UFO, stereo matrix, and tree deliver the filtration and smoothness that make a bong truly cool and awesome. Combining multiple percs creates a bong that’s practically unbeatable.

How to Pick the Perfect Cool Bong

Once you understand different bong types and percolators, it’s time to pick your perfect cool water pipe! Follow these tips:

  • Identify your budget – Cool artistic bongs run from $100 to $500+
  • Consider size and durability – Larger and more complex equal smoother hits but are pricier and delicate. Beaker bongs are simplest and most durable.
  • Determine ideal percolation – Multiple advanced percolators make the coolest bongs. UFO, stereo matrix, and tree percs are excellent choices.
  • Assess added features – Look for elements like ice pinches, splash guards, and drainable downstems.
  • Read user reviews – Research what real customers say about hit smoothness and quality before deciding.
  • Buy from reputable brands – Trusted glass blowers like Illadelph, Roor, and Hitman Glass make the best bongs.
  • Check for quality construction – Carefully inspect joints, seals, tubing thickness, and symmetry.
  • Confirm showcase visuals – Make sure colors, designs, and artistic features are as attractive as advertised.

Taking time to research and evaluate your options using these tips ensures you select an awesome bong you’ll love smoking from for years to come.

5 Online Head Shops to Find the Coolest Bongs

Once you know what you want in your dream bong, it’s time to find reputable shops offering the best selection and prices online. Here are 5 of the top online head shops to buy cool, artistic water pipes from:

1. Grasscity

  • Massive selection of bong styles and accessories
  • Top brands like Roor, Illadelph, and HiSi
  • Hugely popular bong retailer with 20+ years experience
  • Discreet shipping and price matching guarantee

2. Smoke Cartel

  • Unique in-house designed functional glass art
  • Free 3-day priority shipping on bongs
  • Cycler recycler bongs and vortex percs
  • Large variety of premium bong brands

3. Thick Ass Glass

  • Specialize in extra durable, thick borosilicate bongs
  • Unique perpendicular and inner cage percolators
  • Money back guarantee and free shipping
  • Custom handmade glass bongs

4. Smoke Day

  • One of the web’s largest bong collections
  • Categories for brand, price, type, and height
  • Offer specialty bongs like glow in the dark and color changing
  • Low price guarantees with discounted bundles

5. Brothers with Glass

  • Massive selection of instock bongs ready to ship
  • Genuine brand name bongs like Roor and Hitman
  • Categories for recommend top picks, under $100, and on sale
  • Discreet shipping with satisfaction guarantee

Buying from any of these 5 top online shops ensures you get high-quality, cool bongs from legitimate retailers at affordable prices.

How to Use Your Cool Bong Like a Pro

Once your awesome new bong arrives, it’s time to put it to use! Follow these pro tips:

Prep Your Bong

  • Disassemble all parts and rinse thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol and salt
  • Rinse again with hot water to eliminate any residue
  • Let air dry fully before reassembling to prevent mold

Add Water

  • Fill base just above the highest percolator slit or disc
  • Too little water prevents filtration. Too much causes splashing.
  • Change water after each smoking session for best taste

Pack the Bowl

  • Break up dry herb over a tray to maximize airflow
  • Loosely pack grinded bud into the bowl without compressing
  • Sprinkling concentrate on top of flower creates an enhanced bowl

Light and Inhale

  • Hold flame just above herb and slowly inhale to ignite
  • Draw with steady, even pressure rather than quick bursts
  • Add ice cubes to the ice pinch for ultra cool vapor

Clear and Clean

  • Blow down the downstem to clear smoke after each rip
  • Fully disassemble and clean all parts after each usage
  • Use alcohol and salt scrub to prevent resin buildup

Proper preparation, usage, and cleaning will keep your cool bong performing like new while delivering smooth, flavorful hits every time.

FAQs About Awesome Bongs and Water Pipes

What Makes a Bong Cool and Unique?

  • Unique shape, size, and artistic design
  • Multiple advanced percolators like UFO or stereo matrix
  • Quality thick glass and expert craftsmanship
  • Brand reputation for making cool artistic pipes

Where Can I Buy a Cool Bong Online?

Top online bong retailers include Grasscity, Smoke Cartel, Thick Ass Glass, Smoke Day, and Brothers with Glass. Each offers huge selections of premium bongs across styles, brands, and price ranges.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Bong?

Focus on quality thick glass, reputation of the brand, smoothness of hits noted in reviews, number of percolators, size and shape that fits your needs, artistic visual appeal, and overall construction quality.

What’s the Coolest Glass for Bongs?

The highest quality bongs utilize borosilicate glass, known as “boro.” Borosilicate has very low thermal expansion, making it resistant to heat and temperature changes. This makes it ideal for smooth-hitting bongs.

How Can I Take Massive Rips From My Bong?

Stacking multiple percolators provides ultra smooth hits. Adding an ice pinch or ice cubes also cools the smoke. Taking slow, steady draws instead ofquick sucks prevents coughing, allowing you to inhale big clouds.

Why Do Cool Bongs Cost More Than Simple Ones?

Awesome artistic bongs cost more due to the intricate glass blowing, styling, and perc designing required. The more complex the engineering and visual appeal, the higher the price. Top shelf bongs really are a glass art form.

What’s the Best Way to Clean a Bong?

Disassemble all parts fully and submerge them in a sealed plastic bag or jar filled with isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt. Shake vigorously and let soak 15 minutes to dissolve residue. Rinse thoroughly with hot water before drying and reassembling.

Should I Buy Acrylic or Glass Bongs?

Glass is best. Acrylic bongs absorb smell and flavor over time. Glass allows you to see smoke density. And glass bongs provide smoother hits thanks to heat dissipation. You get what you pay for – invest in real glass!

What is the Safest Material for Bong Downstems?

Glass or stainless steel downstems are safest. Glass allows visibility of smoke and stainless steel won’t break. Avoid plastic downstems – they melt and inhaling released chemicals is very hazardous.

Get Your Dream Cool Bong Today!

Awesome artistic bongs provide unmatched smoking experiences. Now that you know what makes bongs cool, the different types and percolators available, where to buy online, usage and cleaning tips, plus answers to FAQs – it’s time to pick out your perfect bong! Just decide your preferences and budget and start browsing the many amazing options. Your new favorite water pipe packed with innovative percolators awaits. Happy smoking!