Pulsar Sipper Wax & 510 Cartridge Vaporizer


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Pulsar Sipper Wax & 510 Cartridge Vaporizer


The Pulsar Sipper Dual Use Vaporizer featuring an old-school lava lamp design is an ultra-modern, all-in-one wax vaporizer and 510 cartridge vape. Due to its dual-use design, you can now enjoy both your waxy concentrates and oils using just one convenient device and we think that’s super cool!

The smoothest of water-cooled vaporizers, the Sipper features a user-friendly touchpad operation to activate the device as well as an auto mode function to fill the bubbler chamber with vapor with just the press of a button.

This modern vaping device has an LED light around the touchpad to indicate battery life and voltage setting. You can easily switch between the four preset voltage settings to seamlessly go from smooth flavorful hits to huge cloudy rips.

This versatile device can be used with concentrates and vape cartridges. Universal 510 threading allows the Sipper to be compatible with most 0.5mL and 1.0mL carts, or simply load the triple quartz coil atomizer with the handy stainless steel dab tool that’s in the box to enjoy those waxy concentrates you love so much. 

Puff puff pass the vapor-filled bubbler chamber with your puff puff pals! The vapor chamber easily detaches from the base for a sip of calm between refills.

The Sipper is covered by a 1-year end user warranty.

In the Box: 

1x Pulsar Sipper base
1x Borosilicate glass bubbler cup
1x Airflow valve
1x Atomizer/cartridge cover
1x Wax atomizer w/ triple quartz coil
1x 510 connection
1x Stainless steel dab tool/poker
1xUSB-C charging cable

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Pulsar Sipper Wax & 510 Cartridge Vaporizer
Pulsar Sipper Wax & 510 Cartridge Vaporizer