Puffco Proxy Kit


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Puffco Proxy Kit


Vaping… by proxy.

Puffco, one of the leading names in the counterculture, has hit another slam dunk of innovation with the Puffco Proxy Kit. This portable vaporizer gives you all the “cool” of smoking out of a sherlock style pipe– in your looks and your lungs. 

Old school meets new school, as is Puffco’s tradition. The removable base allows you to fully customize your sesh with any of Puffco’s accessories or add flair with third-party artist glass.

Timeless borosilicate glass houses cutting-edge 3D chamber technology with four precise heat temperature settings. It’s a vape perfectly calibrated to give you the best of every world– and you’re at the controls.

The Puffco proxy Kit can be ordered in a Black or Desert color. Please select the color from the available options when placing your order.

Kit Includes:

  • The carrying case
  • The base of the device
  • The borosilicate glass cover
  • The Chamber
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Dabbing tool
  • Cleaning tool
  • Instruction manual
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Puffco Proxy Kit
Puffco Proxy Kit