Lookah Seahorse PRO Plus Electric Dab Pen Kit


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The Seahorse Pro Plus nectar collector takes Lookah’s popular Seahorse dab pen to the next level. This stylish and portable vape pen comes with an improved, more durable quartz tip. The tip features a clear glass surround so you can watch the vapor coming off your wax on the tip as it makes its way up through the mouthpiece. 

Powered by a 650mAh battery, you can easily enjoy 10 to 15 dabs on a full charge with the Seahorse Pro Plus. This dab pen offers three voltage settings (3.2v, 3.6v, and 4.1v) which are each indicated by a different color light around the power button.

When it’s time to charge, use the included USB-C charging cable for a hassle-free connection. This unit’s coil cap has a magnetic connection so it won’t loosen and fall off. The Pro Plus is compatible with all 510-threaded Lookah Seahorse tips and it features both a manual mode and a session mode. 

If you’re into wax concentrates and extracts, the Seahorse Pro Plus is just what you need to enjoy big smooth rips full of luscious flavor – all without needing to pull out your dab rig! It comes in a wide variety of colors so finding one you like is easy. 

Taking your dab game on the road is a breeze with the Pro Plus that’s super easy and lots of fun to use! 

In the Box: 

1 Seahorse Pro Plus  
1 Magnetic tip/coil cover
1 Connection hose
1 14.5mm/18.8mm adapter
1 USB C cable 
Type 5 Seahorse coil 
1 Cleaning brush 
1 User manual 

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Lookah Seahorse PRO Plus Electric Dab Pen Kit
Lookah Seahorse PRO Plus Electric Dab Pen Kit