Grenco Science G Pen Elite 2.0 Vaporizer


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You can take your dry herb consumption game to a whole new level with the innovative GPen Elite 2 portable vaporizer.This handheld unit is the latest and greatest dry herb vape from GPen that follows hot on the heels of its wildly popular predecessor, the GPen Elite.

The Elite 2 features a high-resolution full color TFT display, haptic feedback, a 2-part zirconia mouthpiece. The mouthpiece features an integrated spiral airpath that delivers cooled vapor and a comfortable contact temp for your lips, plus it attaches magnetically for easy removal. At the other end of the device at the bottom is a handy built-in pick tool that can be used for both packing and cleaning the oven. 

This sleek and ergonomically-designed handheld vaporizer has redefined the standard of dry herb vaporization via its innovative dual heater and airpath system. These features allow you to enjoy all the flavor nuances and effects of your favorite flower strains. And with the Elite 2’s 200°F to 430°F temperature control, you can vape your dry herbs according to your personal preferences.   

The Elite 2 is powered by a 2100mAh battery and uses USB C fast charging so you can fully charge the unit in about 1.5 hours for very little downtime. Included is a protective silicone sleeve that encases the Elite 2 that comes packed neatly in a sleek and sturdy travel case made of hemp. 

The Elite 2 is a solid vaping device sporting a durable zinc alloy body that feels great in your hand.

 If you want to get the most enjoyment and effects from your flower, you can’t go wrong with the impressive Elite 2! 

In the Box:
1x GPen Elite 2 Vaporizer 
1x USB to USB C Charging Cable 
1x Silicone Sleeve 
1x Hemp Travel Case 
1x Pick Tool
1x Instruction Manual 

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Grenco Science G Pen Elite 2.0 Vaporizer
Grenco Science G Pen Elite 2.0 Vaporizer