Dr. Greenthumb’s x G Pen Micro Plus Concentrate Vaporizer


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Dr. Greenthumb’s x G Pen Micro Plus Concentrate Vaporizer


It’s not always practical or possible to travel with your favorite rig when you want to enjoy some waxy concentrates. For times like those, pack the Dr. Greenthumb’s x G-Pen Micro+  in your backpack or bag and hit the road running! 

This is a handheld wax vaporizer from Grenco Science that’s a collaboration with LA rapper B-Real. It’s specially designed to produce smooth flavorful clouds of vapor when you can’t use your rig or just don’t want to.

The x G-Pen Micro+ makes use of a ceramic plate heating element for outstanding flavor and impressive vapor production. You’ll enjoy clean, untainted rips through the silicone mouthpiece thanks to the ceramic airpath that keeps flavor-spoiling contaminants out of the equation. 

This 4.25-inch long concentrate vaporizer is powered by an 850mAh rechargeable battery that provides manual and automatic heat-up and three variable voltage heat settings. The device’s mouthpiece has a silicone sleeve with an easy-to-maintain and clean internal pathway.

This kit has a premium travel case with space for a wax container and a handy packing tool. Everything you need is in the case, except for your waxy concentrates, which you’ll have to supply yourself! 

In The Box

1x Micro+ battery
1x Micro+ tank
1x Micro+ mouthpiece (silicone mouthpiece & tank cover)
1x Keychain tool
1x USB to USB-C charge cable
1x Hemp travel case (7″x3″)

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Dr. Greenthumb's x G Pen Micro Plus Concentrate Vaporizer
Dr. Greenthumb’s x G Pen Micro Plus Concentrate Vaporizer