Arizer Solo II Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer


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Arizer Solo II Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer

The Solo II by Arizer is a portable dry herb vaporizer that allows your to completely customize the setting to fit your personal preferences for an unbeatable vaping experience. The Solo II features an audio alert system, comes with a powerful battery and is equipped with a borosilicate vapor path that preserves those all-important flavors.

Measuring 20 cm / 8 inches in height, the Solo II is ideal for vape enthusiasts who enjoy customizable hits from a portable device. The battery packs enough power for 3 hours of continuous use and gives about 20 uses on a full charge. The LED display offers a selection of temperatures for you to toggle through. Select your preferred temperature and in less that 30 seconds you will be able to enjoy those rich, tasty clouds of thick vapor.

The simple interface and button controls are easy to use. Just press the menu button to power the device, scroll through the different settings and use the up and down buttons to select the ideal temperature. Customize the timer, temperature, screen brightness and start up time for a more enjoyable, personalized vaping experience. The Arizer Solo II uses 100% borosilicate glass pieces that help preserve flavor and keep the vapor cool and smooth. The hand-held vaporizer comes with two glass aroma tubes and a glass ground connection.

The Solo II is available in a black or a blue finish. Please select the color of choice from the available options in the dropdown menu when placing your order. The vaporizer comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty and comes delivered in a box complete with all the accessories listed below. Great for vape sessions at home and on the go, the Solo II from Arizer is the perfect for beginners and more experienced vape enthusiasts. Order yours today for an unbeatable price at the number one smoke shop

Accessories (Included):

  • 2 x Glass Aroma Tubes
  • 1 x Glass Adapter
  • 1 x Stir Tool
  • 1 x Wall Charger
  • 1 x Carrying Pouch
  • 1 x Sample Aromatic Bag
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Arizer Solo II Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer
Arizer Solo II Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer